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Best Kitchen Taps 2024

Read our round up of the best kitchen taps in 2024 - we pick the very best kitchen taps across a range of prices, styles and functions to help you choose.

Are you looking for the finishing touches to a newly renovated kitchen, or maybe you’ve had enough of your old, tarnished kitchen tap? We’re here to help find you your perfect match with this round up of the best kitchen taps of 2024. 

You might not think much of the old kitchen tap, but we do. In fact, we get rather excited about them! And by the end of this article you too will know just how convenient and stylish they can be for your kitchen.

So let’s dive right in. Here’s why you need to spend a little time considering the best kitchen taps to go for.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Kitchen Taps

While aesthetic is important there are other considerations to look for when choosing a kitchen tap. You need to ensure that the tap you choose will not only look great in your kitchen but works well with your water system and that you’ll be able to install it easily.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors to consider when purchasing a kitchen tap. 

While aesthetic is important there are other considerations to look for when choosing a kitchen tap.

1. Function

Taps offer so much more than just running water! 

How does a built-in boiling water function sound? If the idea that you’ll never have to wait for the kettle to boil sounds ideal then you’ll probably want to look for an instant boiling water kitchen tap to match. Taps can also have filtered water technology so you can enjoy the purest drinking water, and pull out faucets which make it easier to clean up and wash food. 

Plus, there are options with either one or two levers to control temperature, 360 swivel spouts, hands-free taps, and many other time-saving features all designed to make life easier.

We’ll come on to the different types in this article, but when choosing the right kitchen tap, it’s important to have a think about what would be convenient for you.

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2. Style 

Nowadays, style is crucial and you should probably consider the look and feel of your kitchen to ensure the tap adds to your overall aesthetic. There are a variety of different designs that make it easy to complement your kitchen style. While a luxurious chrome finish has become somewhat of a standard, there are a number of special finishes to choose from too, such as matte black, copper, nickel, pewter and gold. 

Fancy a bit more colour in your kitchen? Here you’ll find taps that incorporate bright colours.

We make it really easy to find the right taps for your space, whether that’s taps that work best in a traditional or modern space or those that work to a particular water pressure. Simply navigate to the selection you need by filtering the menu on the left hand side of the kitchen taps category page.  

3. Tap holes 

When it comes to tap holes, there are more options to consider than you might first think. Did you know that we offer kitchen taps with up to 4 tap holes? If it’s functionality you’re after then it’s worth taking a closer look. This style of tap often comes with a pull out rinse tap which makes watering plants, filling buckets and general cleaning a breeze.

You can still get added convenience from a monobloc or one hole kitchen tap, however,  these are compact by design and very stylish so work great for smaller kitchens and utility rooms. But if you’ve got a bit more room around your kitchen sink, then it’s definitely worth a browse at some of the other tap hole options we offer here at Tap Warehouse. 

4. Water Pressure 

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right kitchen tap is that it will work with the water pressure in your home. All kitchen taps have a minimum water pressure that they are designed to work with. This information is located in the detailed product descriptions on our website.

If you’re not sure what your water pressure is you can easily find out by following our water pressure guide

Generally, if your water pressure is 0.5 bar or below then you’ll need to look for a low pressure kitchen tap. If you have a water pressure of 0.3 or below then you’ll need to find a tap that is designed to work with very low water pressure

No matter what your water pressure though, we have made sure that there are a variety of kitchen taps available so you have plenty of choice. 

5. Installation 

Definitely another major factor to consider is how and where your taps are going to be installed - this may also determine which style of tap will be best suited for you as well. 

We have a handy guide on how to change a kitchen tap but if you have a more complicated set up or are opting for more than one tap hole, we would suggest you seek advice from a plumber. 

6. Size 

Each tap has a unique set of dimensions and these will help you understand if it's suitable for your kitchen. You can find this information out in the product descriptions on the website. 

Tap holes are generally standard in size at around 35mm in diameter but some taps will require bigger or bespoke holes to fit. Be sure to check the specific size and requirements of your favourite taps with your kitchen before purchasing to make sure that they will fit ok. 

7. Budget 

Most renovation projects will be working to a budget and others may not! Thankfully, we have taps across all the ranges which will suit every budget. 

If you’re after something with a little more functionality - like a boiling water tap or hands-free sensors - then it’s likely going to cost a little more. Whether you are starting out with a project or just researching, it’s a good idea to set a budget and then allocate spend for the different areas of your kitchen like sinks and taps based on your likes and wants. This way you won’t have any surprises or disappointments when it comes to purchasing. 

Check out our blog on which kitchen and bathroom renovations add the most value to your home if you need more inspiration. 

Instant hot water means never waiting for the kettle to boil again!

Types of Kitchen Taps

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of kitchen taps you can choose from - and then we’ll reveal which our experts rank as the best kitchen taps of 2024.

1. Monobloc

These are your standard kitchen sink taps which are designed to mix hot and cold water and feed it through one spout. Temperature is usually controlled by two levers attached either side of the spout and these taps generally only need one tap hole. 

It’s worth noting at this point that kitchen and bathroom taps are designed with their respective use in mind. So, while it’s tempting, you shouldn’t try and fix a bathroom tap in a kitchen and vice versa. 

2. Single lever taps

The single lever tap is again a very standard design utilising just one tap hole. The water temperature and flow is controlled via one lever which is moved back and forth for hot and cold water and then exits the tap at the temperature you desire. Many prefer this as it's an added convenience using just one hand.

Check out what our experts recommend are the best kitchen mixer taps.

3. Pillar taps

You tend to see this style mostly in the bathroom, but they can create a truly beautiful and traditional look for the kitchen. There are not as many options for the kitchen but we have a great choice of kitchen pillar taps to choose from. 

Hot and cold temperature is controlled individually via two spouts, but this lends itself to more creative and structured tap and handle designs.

4. Pull out kitchen taps 

A fantastic addition to any kitchen and a really great tool to have at the kitchen sink - and now they are a much more affordable option, too. It basically consists of a spray hose which is extendable from the spout via a spiral cord. This gives you greater flexibility for cleaning and also washing food. A compact design means the hose fits nicely inside the tap when not in use - so practical! 

Find out more about the different types of pull out kitchen tap.

5. Rinse taps

While the pull out tap is connected to the main faucet, a rinse hose is positioned separately. It has a dedicated tap hole for even greater reach and flexibility. We love to use these for watering plants and even washing small pets in the sink! 

6. Smart taps 

Technology and innovation around the home continues to surprise us daily and the kitchen is no exception. Smart functions on appliances are making a huge impact on the way we live our lives. For example, there are now hands-free taps that feature sensor technology to start and stop the water, perfect if you have dirty hands. 

We’re expecting to see a lot more of these smart features popping up in the kitchen very soon. 

7. Filtered water taps

Fancy pure drinking water straight from the tap - these fab filtered water taps do just that. Taps usually have either a third lever or stylish push button to activate the filtered water flow. 

There are lots of different style options to choose from with this function whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen. 

8. Boiling water taps 

A boiling water tap in your kitchen means you will have instant boiling water straight from the tap without the need to boil your kettle and wait. The boiling water is stored in a safe unit under the sink so that when you ask for boiling water it comes straight away! 

This is obviously fantastic for convenience but it also helps to save you money on energy bills as boiling the kettle is one of the biggest energy zapping habits we have! 

Our Energy Saving Hub has lots of advice on how to reduce your energy and water consumption at home. 

Summary of the Best Taps for the Kitchen

So, now you have a good idea about the different kitchen taps that are available to you. We’ve broken this down into our recommended best kitchen taps of 2024. Here’s what’s coming: 

Best Pull Out Tap

Best Boiling Water Tap

Best Traditional Tap 

Best Spray Tap

Best Statement Tap

Best Modern Tap

Best Filtered Water Tap

Best Smart Tap

Tap Warehouse Approved: Our Favourite Kitchen Taps For 2024

Here’s what we recommend as the best kitchen taps of 2024 for every style and budget.

Best Pull Out Tap

Vellamo Savu Single Lever Mono Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap

A very attractive and sturdy design that has a handy pull out tap feature. It fits perfectly in a classic or modern kitchen space and is compact in size with just one tap hole and lever operation. Finished in a polished chrome with a statuesque spout, it’s very elegant to look at and it has a convenient swivel function for even more flexibility in the kitchen.

Temperature and water flow is controlled by one lever for ease and like all modern taps, the Savu has anti-drip technology making it long-lasting and water saving. What’s more, you have a lifetime guarantee on this product.

Best Boiling Water Tap

Vellamo Kaffe Chrome Instant Boiling Tap with WRAS-Approved Digital Boiler & Filter

With instant hot water, your brew will be perfect whenever you need it! This tap looks great too, with its brass construction and high quality polished chrome finish a perfect match for the modern kitchen. You’ve also got a neat 180° rotating swivel spout and a carbon water filter for great tasting instant hot water every time. 

Safety is paramount and this tap is WRAS-approved and has heat insulation technology so while the water is hot, the tap body stays cool. We love the splash-free water flow, child safe spring lock technology and single lever operation for standard hot and cold water.

Best Traditional Tap

Butler & Rose Elizabeth Traditional Kitchen Mixer Tap Chrome

The Elizabeth from the stunning Butler & Rose collection is a great option for a more traditional kitchen while still offering multi-functions. This mixer tap has a swan-like spout and twin levers for operation on either side. There’s an elegant white ceramic touch to the handles which adds to its traditional style.

This tap has a soft water flow thanks to an aerated spout, a polished chrome finish for decadence and quarter turn ceramic disc technology so it’s easy to use, long-lasting and guarantees no drips. I’ll take it! 

Best Spray Tap

Harbour Acclaim Kitchen Tap with Flexible / Movable Multi-Function Spray - Brushed Stainless Steel

Ready to really up your kitchen sink game? Take a look at this beautifully presented Harbour Acclaim Kitchen Tap with flexible spray spout. We just love this brushed brass stainless steel finish for something a little more unique. 

The real star is the multi-function spray which can be used like a normal kitchen tap or extended to help with cleaning and food prep. The braided hose adds to the style of tap while being much more durable. There’s also a lifetime guarantee on this product for peace of mind.

Best Statement Tap

Butler & Rose Alba French Mono Kitchen Mixer - Antique Copper

One of our stand out best sellers and it’s not hard to see why. The antique copper is a beautiful new finish and makes styling a period kitchen a breeze. You’ve also got a very quirky handle design giving it even more of a statement look. 

There’s plenty of modern features to shout about too, like the ceramic disc cartridges to prevent drips and a swivel spout. Plus, despite its authentic period look, it’s a mixer tap underneath so you get perfectly controlled temperature and flow from the spout all the time. 

Best Modern Tap

Just Taps VOS Pull Out Single Lever Mono Kitchen Mixer - Brushed Brass

If you are creating a modern space or just looking to update what you have then this tap is an ideal choice. The brushed brass finish looks luxurious and the single lever operation is super efficient. The Just Taps VOS also has a pull out tap feature for easy use around the sink.

There’s a handy swivel spout and this tap also comes in 5 other finishes, including brushed bronze, gunmetal grey and matte white! It’s the modern and stylish kitchen’s perfect companion. We love the choice of finishes, the ease of use and the solid brass construction - oh, and a very enviable 15 year guarantee.

Best Filtered Water Tap

Clearwater Eclipse Triple Lever Mono Kitchen Mixer and Cold Filtered Water Tap - Polished Chrome

Filtered water taps are taking the industry by storm thanks to their convenience and reliability. Great for those of us still working from home - providing pure drinking water straight from the tap. 

The Clearwater Eclipse is a compact and functional filtered water tap. Its triple lever operation combines with one tap hole for total efficiency and style for every kitchen space. The polished chrome finish is easy on the eye and the tall swan-like spout adds to the luxury look and feel.

Best Smart Tap

Blanco Evol-S Pro 4-in-1 Smart Measure Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap with Dual Spray

The Blanco Evol-S Pro has a 4 in 1 function. It can produce filtered boiling, filtered cold and standard hot and cold water all from one tap. The smart measure function dispenses exactly the amount of filtered water - hot or cold - that you desire for complete control and ease of use. There are two cleverly combined spouts so you are able to use filtered water and standard water at the same time if you wish.  

You can choose this tap in a stainless steel or matte black option and its iconic design makes it a statement in look as well as function. 

Best Kitchen Taps Brand

Not sure which brands are the best to go for when it comes to kitchen taps. Here we’ll give you a quick insight into the best kitchen tap manufacturers. 

Butler & Rose are a relatively new manufacturer but they are certainly making an impression with their range of authentically traditional kitchen taps. 

Vellamo has a range of modern, sleek designs that are multi-functional and an essential addition to any kitchen. Check out this best seller pull out tap in a funky brushed brass. 

Clearwater mixes modern and traditional perfectly in its range of kitchen taps. Renowned for filtered water taps especially. 

The well known Rangemaster has a fantastic range of luxurious and high quality kitchen taps. If you like to own well-known brands, then this is the one for you. 

Featuring taps for both modern and traditional spaces, the Crosswater range is extensive, all constructed using a really high quality brass and exquisite attention to detail. 


Did you know we’re rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with over 30,000 independent reviews? At Tap Warehouse, we’re committed to excellent customer service and quality product choices. 

Ready to shop for your Kitchen Taps? We’ll give you free delivery over £250, a 90 day return policy and payment options such as ClearPay and Klarna to help spread the cost.


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