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Pull Out Kitchen Taps

Transform the way you use your kitchen sink with a pull out kitchen tap. Often thought of as being something only for the professional kitchen, pull out kitchen taps with a spray hose are rising in popularity amongst home kitchens and have brought about a dramatic reduction in price, which is great news for all the budding home cooks out there. We also stock low pressure pull out taps and other kitchen taps.

These kitchen spray taps are incredibly practical, with a handy hose and spray head that sits neatly and in the tap itself when not in use, but when pulled out is perfect for almost any job, whether that be rinsing fruit and veg or trying to blast stubborn food from the bottom of your pots and pans. Another use for pull out kitchen taps is using the spray hose to fill up pots, pans and buckets, all without having to lift them in and out of the sink.

Upgrade your kitchen experience with the convenience and versatility of pull out kitchen taps. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional taps and embrace the freedom to direct water precisely where you need it. The integration of a spray hose allows for effortless tasks, making daily kitchen chores a breeze.

At Tap Warehouse, we have scores of kitchen mixer taps with a pull out spray available in a huge range of different finishes. If you want to learn more, then have a look at our blog, The Different Types of Pull Out Kitchen Taps.

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