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Granite & Composite Kitchen Sinks

A kitchen sink has to cope with a lot through its lifetime, with everything from scalding hot water and oil, to dishes and cutlery being dropped in it on a regular basis, and we expect it to cope with this for years and years with it showing no ill effects. Many kitchen sinks are not designed to cope with such rigours, and if a plate is dropped in at just the wrong angle or the water’s too hot, that can be enough to dent or distort it.

Granite and composite sinks are different. They are made from hard-wearing stone and high-tech composites that result in a highly durable, stain and heat-resistant sink that can withstand the demands of modern life.

Granite and composite sinks are available in a wide array of colours, from the ever popular black and white sinks, to the usual options of 1 bowl, 1.5 bowls and 2 bowls.

If you want more information on granite composite sinks, take a look at our composite sink guide.

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