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Comparing the Different Shades of Granite Sinks

Discover the intricate differences of our granite composite kitchen sinks and compare the various shades of white, cream, grey and black between manufacturers.

We know that the idea of choosing something online based solely on a couple of pictures can be pretty daunting. There’s nothing more irritating than spending hours researching, wading through products and finally picking the one you want for it to turn up and be a completely different colour to what you expected. And then there’s the rigmarole of returning or exchanging it, something that can cause a few problems when it comes to kitchen sinks. The last thing you want is arranging and paying for a fitter to come only to realise that you don’t actually have the kitchen sink you want when they arrive. Nightmare.

So that’s why we’ve put together this guide for you. Featuring true-to-colour samples of our most popular granite sinks, this will help you distinguish the difference between the finishes and give you assurance that what you see is what you get. 

Let's go through it all brand by brand.


We’ll start with the simple yet luxurious Caple. Boasting a wide range of ceramic, stainless steel, and granite composite sinks, Caple offer some truly luxurious kitchen sinks that look great, and of course promise a long reliable lifetime too. Let’s take a look at what finishes Caple have to offer below.


For the lighter end of the scale, Caple offer two wonderful finishes; chalk white, and desert sand (as pictured above), but if you're here to focus on those greys & blacks, let’s get down to business.

One of our favourite Caple finishes is of course the stunning anthracite that’s bound to wow guests for years to come. We adore this finish and totally advocate ditching the old stainless steel piece if it means we’re bringing in something this fabulous. 

Of course, if it’s something a teeny bit more subtle you’re after, Caple have you covered here too. There’s that rather captivating pebble grey finish to make all of your contemporary kitchen dreams come true. As we cover more of our grey and black finishes, you’ll find that these sparkling darker finishes are a firm fan favourite, and it’s no surprise when they look this beautiful.

Before we move on, why not take a peek at these fabulous Caple finishes being put to good use in our fabulous products below:


Now we move onto a slightly bigger player in our kitchen sink family. Let’s have a look at what Rangemaster have to offer in the world of greys & blacks.


Feast your eyes on the above; Rangemaster offer a variety of different finishes and styles depending on your kitchen design so you’ll be able to decide on exactly the look you’re after thanks to these wonderful features.

For a totally contemporary look, we direct your attention to the samples on the left; available across a variety of Rangemaster favourites, the ash and dove grey shades are two of our all-time top picks when it comes to choosing a luxurious kitchen sink. For those of us who love a monochrome look, the ash finish is a wonderful revelation - this sleek dark finish adds a touch of pizzazz to your kitchen without needing to be a bright, bold colour.

For something a little more subtle that packs a stylish punch, the dove grey finish is perfect. There’s no difficulty distinguishing between these two wonderful finishes and each makes their own statement of style too.

Onto some slightly more traditional looking finishes we turn to Rangemaster’s black and grey selections on the right. These are wonderful options for pairing with a marble or wooden worktop, and are bound to look truly stunning in just about any home. If it’s a more speckled look you’re a fan of, these finishes are bound to tick all of the boxes.

Let's take a look at some of our favourite Rangemaster finishes in action below.


Now we delve into some truly luxurious finishes that offer a little sparkle - perfect for those of us who are fans of making a statement that’ll have guests dropping a few “wow”s here and there.

Take a look at what Reginox have to offer in the realm of grey & black sinks below.


Indistinguishable from other black finishes available at Tap Warehouse, Reginox’s black silvery finish is a solid contemporary choice for any kitchen and can be chosen across their Harlem and Amsterdam ranges.

Alongside this modern slice of luxury lives the grey silvery finish - available across the same ranges and once again packs a real punch when it comes to making a statement. It’s no surprise that these silvery finishes have become a firm fan favourite very quickly.

If you’re drawn to those other lovely silvery finishes there, the caffe silvery is equally as stunning but is only available across the Harlem range.

Moving on to our more universal Reginox finishes, we’re delighted to present these fabulous granite looks (right). Reginox offer some real crowd-pleasers and the black granite and titanium grey here are truly no exception. Similar to their silvery finishes, these wonders are available over a larger variety of sinks so even if you aren’t drawn to the Harlem or Amsterdam ranges, you’ve still got a vast range of choice when it comes to contemporary kitchen sinks.

Whilst we could witter on about the wonderful Reginox for hours on end, sometimes seeing is believing so we’ve popped a few of our favourite Reginox black and grey sinks below.


Our fabulous Vellamo sinks are available in the gorgeous graphite grey and granite black currently (pictured right), alongside those lighter shades underneath, including our customer favourite, champagne.


No matter your favourite shade, you’ve got monochrome covered thanks to Vellamo. For a lighter shade, the graphite grey is perfect; or if you’re after a darker more contemporary look, the granite black look is true perfection.

Let’s take a look at our fabulous Vellamo black and grey granite kitchen sink finishes in action below, alongside a cheeky champagne contender too:

Granite Sink Luxury

So there you have it, our wonderful range of granite composite sinks. Of course, this list is by no means extensive in terms of products and we're proud to offer a wonderfully large range of stunning contemporary and traditional kitchen sinks. 

If you haven't quite spotted "the one" yet, then check out our full range, and as always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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