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Bathroom Wall Panels Guide

Waterproof wall panels for bathrooms are fast becoming the go-to trend for a quick and easy refresh. Find out about the different options available and which is the best for your bathroom

When thinking about giving your bathroom a quick makeover, it usually means resorting to a few choice accessories or a new bathroom tap. But what if you could completely change the look and feel of your space without the need to remodel? 

That’s where the beauty of bathroom wall panels come in and these waterproof wall panels for bathrooms are giving us so much joy.

In this buying guide, we’ll explain what they are and the different options available, and why it’s so important to have a quality wall covering in your bathroom. Plus, we’ll give you a quick overview of how to install these panels and what you might need to get the job done. 

What are bathroom wall panels?

These are essentially decorative panels that fit onto your bathroom wall. They are also known as shower wall panels as they look particularly great as part of a shower enclosure to define that space or section it off away from the rest of your bathroom, just like these beautiful options below: 

Similarly, they can commonly be referred to as wet room panels because the waterproof nature of the panels make them the perfect choice when designing a wet room

You might also hear or read them referred to as bathroom cladding because the panels are covering your bathroom wall to provide protection. 

Bathroom wall panels come in a variety of materials, which we’ll explore in more detail further down. In all cases, the panels are supplied in sheets, usually big enough to cover a large section of your wall from floor to ceiling, that fit together by various methods. This can be a simple tongue in groove or slotted joint, while others have a specialist joint fixture. They are all made to be watertight to stop any damage to your walls underneath. 

A grey marble look to your space instantly elevates for a chic look.

Need a finishing touch for your bathroom? Check out our extensive range of bathroom mirrors, including illuminated, steam-free and bluetooth options. 

Why opt for bathroom wall panels over tiles? 

It’s really important that your bathroom walls are covered properly. Without adequate protection, you are inviting mould and other deterioration to form. You have to pay particular attention to splash zones, such as the areas around your bath, shower and basins to ensure that your walls do not end up being damaged. 

Traditionally, tiles have been used in bathrooms to provide this protection, but they can be expensive and costs can spiral depending on the size of your bathroom. Tiles also require much more preparation and fitting time. 

Bathroom wall panels are quick and easy to install and offer a multitude of designs and effects to choose from, letting you be as creative, chic or bold as you wish in your space - whatever your budget! 

Choosing the right type for your bathroom 

Every space is different and that’s why we have five types of bathroom wall panel available. Each type has unique properties so we guarantee there will be a match for your bathroom. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail. 


Indulge in a luxurious bathroom space with our range of PVC bathroom wall panels from our new brand, Drench Naturals, with a mix of gloss and matt finishes. Choose from beautiful terrazzo, marble, concrete, stone, granite, wood or slate effect designs or glossy white. These panels come in a standard size: 2400mm high by 1000mm wide, with a depth of 10mm and are 100% waterproof. 

PVC panels are fitted using a tongue and groove design which makes installation a breeze. We also have a recommended adhesive to ensure a secure fit to the wall. You can find the adhesive within the recommended extras on the product page or via the accessories section. 

The panels have a hollow core which not only provides insulation but helps to decrease condensation and reduce mould. Plus, they are really easy to clean and maintain. Simply wiping them over with warm soapy water keeps them in great shape! 

We just love these subtle but textured examples below, lifting your bathroom without compromising on style or looking out of place. 


Showerwall also has a range of laminate wall panels which are available at Tap Warehouse. These panels offer realistic textures such as concrete and marble so designs are very chic and luxurious in appeal.

The panels are constructed using a sheet of laminate attached to a plywood base so are light and easy to move around yet very durable. As with acrylic, laminate panels are also square cut, but these fit together using a tongue in groove joint. Trims are required to join the panels together and are also to be used in the internal and external corners. 

Showerwall has a special Sureseal kit that is used to fix the laminate panels at floor level. This contains the appropriate adhesive and sealant to fix the panels properly and to ensure that they are and remain watertight.

Bathroom wall panels offer the perfect foundation to create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Ever wondered how you could transform your space into a mermaid-inspired paradise


Our range of acrylic wall panels are brought to you by our brand partner, Showerwall. This type of panel has the most vibrant and exciting design choices. You can choose from patterns and tiles to prints and images and even solid colours to decorate, cover and protect your walls all in one go.

Acrylic are 100% waterproof panels for bathrooms and require no trims. They are very light and easy to assemble, joined together with a colour match sealant.

One thing to note about these panels is that they are non-refundable as they are customised to your bathroom by Showerwall. They look at things like the configuration of your bathroom and the way you wish the pattern or design to flow before customising them perfectly.

You can also request bespoke acrylic wall panels. Contact our sales team to find out more about this.

Wood Effect 

Jump on the fluted trend with our stunning range of our slatted wood effect panels. The walnut and oak effect finishes offer choice for all bathrooms, providing definition and design in your space that adds wow factor and that ‘Insta-worthy’ aesthetic.

These panels are sold as a pack of three to make life easier and are made from recycled material. Panel size is standard at 2400mm high by 170mm wide and a 19 mm depth. It is not recommended to cut holes in the middle of these panels for shower mounting or place them over tile. However, you are able to cut them to size for height and width variations. Keep them clean and looking fresh with warm, soapy water.

A subtle variation to colour can make all the difference! Choose from these stunning variations below or view the full range

Compact Tiles 

Fancy the look of tiles without the hefty price tag - no problem! Our compact tile panels do just that. Made from a laminate material, the designs offer a tile-effect embossed surface that replicates the look and feel of real tiles. 

Choose from natural white or stone-look or go bolder with colourful tile designs. You may find the need to add a trim to the outer edges and corners to ensure they remain watertight.

Tiling without the need for grout - yes please!

What accessories will you need?

Accessories vary depending on the type of panel that you go for. It is best to refer to the recommended extras within the product pages to ensure you get the correct fittings, trims, adhesive and sealant for the panel you choose. 

This will ensure that the panels look their best once installed and that they last as long as they should. We sell a comprehensive range of bathroom wall panel accessories to ensure you have everything you need to get these beautiful panels up in your space.

If you are unsure which accessories are correct for your type of panel, just head on over to the Help Hub or use the Live Chat function below and contact a member of the team!

A beautiful marble effect in your bathroom looking clean and effortlessly stylish.

How to fit bathroom wall panels 

The great thing about bathroom wall panels is that once you’ve chosen your panel design and ensured it’s the right fit for your bathroom, getting them up is something you can do yourself - and usually quite quickly. 

You will need to measure and calculate the amount of wall panels needed, but this is fairly straightforward. You should measure the wall they are intended for and use the panel width displayed on site to calculate how many panels you need. 

Always store your panels flat once they are delivered to ensure they do not bow or lean out of shape. 

When you are ready to install your panels, it may be that you need to cut them to size to ensure a seamless fit in your bathroom. You are able to do this with most of the panels but you should check this information in the detailed product descriptions on site before making your choice. It is recommended that you do not cut holes in the slatted range of wood effect panels for shower mounting, for example. 

You need to make sure that the wall is prepped, clean and dry before installing. If you are fitting over tiles, ensure that they are clean and free of any soapy residue or grime. This is to ensure that the panels fit properly to the wall and remain watertight. 

Each panel type has either a tongue and groove, trim or is slotted together using a sealant. This may determine which type of panel you go for, especially if you intend on fitting them yourself. 

We would always recommend getting a professional to install these panels if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

We are now selling these amazing bathroom wall panels - have a browse of the full range of bathroom wall panels and accessories available! 

Don’t forget, for any questions or queries relating to this or any of our products, you can speak directly with our experienced team who will be happy to help. 

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