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What Are The Benefits of Electric Showers?

Electric showers are having a moment. If you’re considering buying one or just not sure if it’s a good idea or not then keep reading as our experts outline all the benefits of owning an electric shower. 

If you’re a shower person then you know how important the type of shower is to your overall experience. We are too, and that’s why we asked our Tap Warehouse experts to share the benefits of electric showers with us. 

An electric shower heats water via your electricity supply. Cold water is pulled through and heated while you shower so it doesn’t need to use any stored hot water from your water system. The unit sits on the external wall of your shower and features the heating element and pumping system all within the design. It just requires a cold water supply and power supply to work, and you usually activate the power to the shower via a connected cord switch. 

Ready to hear more? Keep reading to find out our top benefits of electric showers. 

Hot water on demand

Like when you activate your kitchen kettle or boiling water tap, cold water is heated quickly. In an electric shower the heated water is then fed through the shower head via a thermostatic shower valve at a perfect temperature. This is all done immediately so you never have to wait for hot water again and with digital gauges on newer, smarter models of electric showers you have even more control over the temperature. 

Easy installation 

Did you know that it’s actually easier than you think to install an electric shower? Because the unit sits on the external wall of your shower there is minimal building work required in order to fit one in your home. There are things to consider, however, in terms of the size of the electric cable, which will depend on the kilowatt rating of the shower unit, and access to the plumbing supply. If you do not feel confident doing this yourself, an electrician or plumber will both be experienced enough to fit an electric shower in your home, but you will need a Part P-certified electrician to test and sign off the electrics.

Reduced energy bills

One of the best benefits of an electric shower is just how energy efficient they are. Electric showers only heat the water that you need to use which makes them much more efficient and can help to reduce energy bills and save water. An electric shower generally runs at a water pressure of 2 litres per minute less than other systems so uses far less energy to operate.

Great for no or low gas homes 

Because of the set up, the shower is completely separate from other areas of the home pulling from your water supply such as the toilet or bathroom taps! So, you can certainly say goodbye to shock temperature changes after someone has used the loo! If you don’t have a boiler in your home, for example, then this is a perfect and economical shower solution. Perhaps you run gas off a metre or your boiler breaks down? With an electric shower, you don’t have to worry about water running cold during your shower. Just jump in and relax! 

Easy-to-clean showers heads

The electric shower usually has a head that is easy to clean to prevent limescale build up. It’s a much cleaner and efficient shower head than some traditional models. You do have to be careful that the limescale doesn't build up on the heating element inside the shower unit, so regular maintenance is advised. They are usually quite robust, however, so investing in an electric shower brings years of happy showering along with it! 

Stylish designs 

In the past, electric showers have gotten a bad rap for being a clunky and unsightly addition to your shower enclosure or bathroom. But, modern styles have opened up a new, sleeker look and feel with beautiful chrome finishes and black designs with stylish dials to boot. Now these units can add to your aesthetic as well as match your overall look. 

Here’s our top 3 stylish electric showers:

Can give you better water pressure 

It’s thought that an electric shower can improve your water pressure. When looking for an electric shower, it’s a good idea to have in mind that the higher the kW rating, the better water flow you will have. So, if you have a low pressure water system, this can be improved with an electric shower. It’s useful to do your research here, though, because some electric showers may require a minimum water pressure of 1 bar - you can find this information out in the product descriptions on site. You can also find out how to work out your water pressure by reading our handy guide: The simple way to find out your water pressure.

Fit to most bathroom spaces

An electric shower can be fitted both in a shower enclosure or over a bath depending on your bathroom layout, so is suitable for most homes. If you do fit an electric shower over the bath, be sure you have an adequate glass panel or shower curtain in place to minimise the splash escaping onto your bathroom floor!

Are there any disadvantages to owning an electric shower? 

Electric showers have always been thought of as expensive, but they are actually a much more affordable option these days and are a lasting investment. Plus, if you take into consideration the savings on your energy bill then you could be quids in overall. 

Secondly, as we have previously mentioned, while styles have gotten significantly better over the last few years, this type of design might not always look right in your space especially if you have a more traditional look to your bathroom, for example.

But really that's it! And, as we all try to improve our carbon footprint on the world, electric showers are definitely a better choice for the environment and over time our purse strings!

So, that concludes our round up of the benefits of electric showers. Ready to up your shower game? Browse our full range of electric showers today.

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