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Our Experts Recommend the Best Electric Showers

Which are the best electric showers? Keep reading for more information on electric showers and our experts reveal the top 3 styles to have at home. 

Looking for the best electric showers? We don’t blame you. 

Save money, water and get a more enjoyable shower experience. What’s not to love? So, in this blog we’ll look at why electric showers are so beneficial, who should own an electric shower and then our experts will recommend the best electric showers for your home. 

So, what's great about electric showers? 

The benefits of electric showers are plenty from enjoying an instant and optimal temperature in your shower to saving water and reducing energy bills. And if you favour a shower over a bath every day then this will all be music to your ears. 

They’re particularly handy if you live in a no gas or low gas home - or access gas via LPG bottles or meter - as you will never have to worry about it running out mid-shower. Something that we can all do without. 

In fact, it’s fair to say that electric showers are becoming a much more popular option in homes thanks to these energy-saving and convenience-boosting benefits, having at one time been seen as an expensive and unattractive addition to the bathroom.

Is an electric shower right for me?

Not sure if electric showers are the right way to go for your home? Here are some things to consider as you make your decision.

Low pressure systems

Electric showers will work with most water systems but they are particularly good if your home has a low pressure water system. Electric showers generally offer better pressure than mixer showers.

Small water tanks

If your home has a smaller water tank then electric showers are an option for you. Other showers rely on your hot water tank while electric showers will create their own hot water utilising your cold water supply only.

Your boiler

Do you have a combi boiler? Electric showers are popular for this type of boiler as it doesn’t demand so much from your water and heating supply. 

Which are the best electric showers? 

We asked our experts to recommend their top electric showers. Here’s there top 3!


Vado Elegance Electric Shower - Metallic and Chrome

Sleek and elegant in design with a metallic and chrome finish giving that luxury touch to your bathroom. A slender box attaches to the wall and the shower head connects via an equally slender chrome cord. An easy to grab dial allows you to control the temperature and its fixed position means once you have found your optimal temp, it'll still be right the next time you shower.

This electric shower is perfect for smaller bathrooms or those opting for a minimalist aesthetic.


Vado Slimline Chrome Electric Shower

If you’re looking to slim down even further then this Vado slimline electric shower might be just the one for you! It has a more curved appearance and visible functionality but still offers the same control mechanisms. With two power functions available and all the necessary elements to get your shower working straight away. 

The shine from the chrome finish is elegant and oozes sophistication for your space. Plus, it comes with five spray patterns on the shower head to really personalise your experience.


Vado Elegance Black Speckled & Chrome Electric Shower - 9.5kW

If you’re looking for a little more on the design side then this Vado Elegance electric shower with a black and chrome finish is perfect! The black frontage to the shower box is super cool and the chrome cord and shower head adds a luxury touch.

This electric shower comes with illuminated touch buttons and dial for easy control.


We hope this article has helped you to decide whether an electric shower is the one for you and which style would be best suited for your bathroom. You can take a closer look at our electric shower range and if you have any further questions just head on over to our Help Hub to ask one of the team. 

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