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The Simple Way to Find Out Your Water Pressure

Learn how to understand your homes water pressure by identifying exactly what water pressure system you have in less than a minute.


If you purchase a new tap without knowing your water pressure, there is always the possibility that you could end up with a weak dribble coming from your new tap. In order for your new tap to perform to its true potential, you need to know your mains water pressure.

If you follow these 3 simple steps, you will soon be on your way to having a fully functional water provider for many years to come.

Step 1: Why do you need to know your water pressure?

  • Different taps and showers require different water pressures in order to function to their true potential.

  • Each house has their own water pressure system, and whichever one you have will determine the water pressure that your taps and shower will require.

  • Water pressure is measured in ‘bar’, and generally speaking anything 0.3 bar or below requires a low water pressure tap or shower, and anything at 1.0 bar or above requires a high water pressure tap or shower. There is no middle ground. 

Step 2: How do you find out your water pressure?

Low Water Pressure System

  • Gravity System (Regular Boiler)

    -  Cold water tank usually in the loft.

    -  Hot water cylinder usually in airing cupboard upstairs.

    -  Commonly, the water pressure on the first floor will be 0.2 bar or less. On the ground floor there is a possibility the water pressure could be 0.5 bar.

High Water Pressure System

  • Combination Boiler (Combi Boiler)

    -  Generally installed in your kitchen near where the cold mains water enters your property.

    -  Water pressure will typically be between 1-2 bar.

  • Unvented Water Cylinder (System Boiler)

    -  Can be installed anywhere (garage, airing or storage cupboard).

    -  Typically indirectly heated by a boiler or solar panels, or directly fueled by electricity, gas or oil.

If you are still unsure about your water pressure, a plumber will be able to have a look and tell you.


Step 3: Which taps or shower can you have for your system?

High water pressure systems can typically work well with any tap or shower that you desire, so please, browse our range of kitchen taps, bathroom taps and showers

At Tap Warehouse we have a wide selection of low water pressure taps and showers:

For more details about low water pressure taps and an extensive list of some of the best low pressure taps we offer, have a read of one of our popular articles: Discover the Best Low Water-Pressure Tap for You.

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