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Boiling Water Taps

A boiling water tap dispenses hot water instantly, so there’s no need to boil a kettle. The water is stored at the correct temperature in a unit under your sink so when you turn on the tap, piping hot water is available right away. This can help you save money, time & energy over using a kettle when making multiple cups a day.

The average temperature of the water from an instant hot water tap is anything up to 98°C and many have adjustable temperatures. Despite popular belief, water at 100°C will scald tea and give coffee a bitter taste.

People often think a lot of work is required to get a boiling water tap installed but this isn’t the case. Boiling water taps will run from a standard socket and although we recommend using a plumber, the installation is straightforward.

Our boiling water taps are available with standard hot and cold water, so you don’t need to worry about space for a separate tap. We also have an extensive selection of designs & finishes so whether you’re looking for classic chrome or striking copper, there’s a tap to suit your style.

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