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Filtered Water Taps

Water filter taps remove all the impurities such as lead, copper and aluminium that can find their way into tap water, whilst at the same time leaving all the essential, beneficial minerals so you can have the purest drinking water straight from your kitchen sink tap. Not only do they offer great tasting water, but they do it without the hassle of you having to splash out on bottled water or having to buy and keep a filter jug in your fridge.

We have water filter taps from leading names like Astracast and Grohe - two of the leading companies in kitchen and filtered tap design - as well as a broad selection of modern and traditional designs from Clearwater which are available in a range of special finishes. With big savings off the RRP, you can be tasting fresh, clean, filtered water at the turn of a handle for less than you thought.

In addition to their water-purifying prowess, these taps contribute to environmental sustainability by significantly reducing plastic waste associated with bottled water consumption. By choosing a water filter tap, you're making a conscious decision to minimise your ecological footprint while enjoying the convenience and cost-effectiveness of purified water at home. It's a small change that makes a big difference for both your well-being and the planet.

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