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11 Tips to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Mermaid-Inspired Paradise

Loved 'The Little Mermaid'? We asked our design experts to recommend tips on how to create a mermaid-inspired bathroom at home.  

With ‘The Little Mermaid’ making a splash in the UK, many people are feeling inspired by the live-action remake and diving into the latest interiors trend: ‘mermaidcore’.

There are many ways you can add touches of this enchanting, underwater paradise into your home, especially the bathroom. 

To help make this Disney dream a reality, we've pulled together these 11 tips for transforming your bathroom into a mermaid-inspired space! 

1. Vibrant colour palette

When it comes to transforming your bathroom at home, draw inspiration from the ocean and the vibrant colours in the movie. Consider a palette of sea blues, corals and subtle touches of purple to create a magical and aquatic atmosphere.

2. Walls and backsplash

With this colour palette in mind, you can use a combination of paint and wallpaper to really bring the underwater theme to life. Consider a blue or aqua paint colour for the walls, and select a wallpaper with underwater scenes, coral reefs, or seashells. 

Jamie Hancox, painting expert at Tikkurila, added: “Bathrooms are prone to humidity and moisture so for this reason, it's essential to select a paint that can withstand these conditions to prevent the paint from flaking. Some paints, such as Luja paints, have been designed for humid environments, providing great durability and resistance to moisture, cleaning detergents and mould growth.”

As an alternative to paint or wallpaper, you could use waterproof and easy-to-clean tiles with a fish scale or wave pattern for the backsplash or accent wall.

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3. Accessories

Incorporate themed bathroom accessories that reflect the ‘The Little Mermaid’ movie. Look out for items such as mermaid-shaped soap dishes, shell-shaped toothbrush holders or starfish-shaped wall hooks. These small touches will add charm and eccentricity to the space, in line with many of the characters from the movie - from Ariel herself to Flounder.

4. Shower curtain

If you have young children at home, consider buying a shower curtain featuring their favourite character from the movie for additional brownie points. Or for a more subtle look, choose a design that resembles an underwater scene with colourful fish, seahorses and coral. 

Where possible, look for curtains with a waterproof and mould-resistant fabric for durability.

5. Lighting

You can lean on lighting to add an almost-’magical’ look to your bathroom space. Install dimmable LED lights or a chandelier with crystal-like elements to mimic the shimmering light underwater. 

Consider adding wall sconces or LED strips behind mirrors to create an ethereal glow.

6. Flooring

Select flooring that not only complements the theme but is also suitable for a bathroom environment. Consider ceramic or vinyl tiles with a beach sand-like texture, or opt for flooring that resembles weathered wood to mimic a pier or ship deck.

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7. Sink, vanity & taps

There are so many sink designs available to choose from and many will complement the mermaid-core theme. For instance, designs with curved lines and soft edges to evoke a sense of water flow. 

Push the boat out and consider a shell-shaped sink, or taps with a splash of colour and a vanity unit with a pearl-like finish to enhance the mermaid theme.

8. Mirror

Choose a mirror with an intricately designed frame reminiscent of underwater treasures. Look for frames shaped like seashells, coral or waves to add a touch of elegance.

9. Shelving and storage

Use shelving units and storage containers inspired by nautical elements. Look for shelves in the shape of boats or anchors, or storage containers resembling treasure chests. These additions will provide functional storage while maintaining the theme.

10. Artwork

There are many fun ways you can incorporate artwork inspired by ‘The Little Mermaid’ film. Hang prints with quotes or paintings depicting well-known scenes from the movie, or even more general underwater landscapes and mermaid portraits. 

If this is an option, consider framing the artwork with seashell-adorned frames for an extra touch of magic.

11. Add greenery

Add a touch of greenery to your space with indoor plants that thrive in humid environments, such as ferns or a peace lily. You can place them on shelves, in hanging planters or on windowsills to bring a natural element to your mermaid-inspired bathroom.

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