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2023 Bathroom Trends Report

By analysing search and sales data from our site alongside Pinterest Trends, we've been able to uncover the top colours and trends for the bathroom in 2023. Discover the findings below. 

Top 8 Predicted Bathroom Colours in 2023

We uncovered rising UK Pinterest searches to reveal which bathroom colours will be trending in 2023. Here are the results:  

  1. Peach - 41%
  2. Orange - 39%
  3. Beige - 30%
  4. Green - 27%
  5. Neutral - 24%
  6. Red - 19%
  7. Blue - 13%
  8. Yellow - 4%

Feeling Peachy: Peach Bathrooms are Predicted to be Big in 2023 

Whilst peach isn’t normally used for the bathroom, in 2023 it could be the hottest bathroom colour. According to Pinterest Trends data, searches for peach bathrooms are up by a huge 41%, making this the top bathroom colour for 2023. 

But, what’s got Brits fawning over peach bathrooms? Polly Shearer, interior expert here at Tap Warehouse says: 'It could be to do with the Danish Pastels trend which combines Scandi minimalism with pops of pastel colours. What better colour to use than a delicious sorbet peach? 

This trend is predicted to be big in 2023 with Google trends showing a 1,800% increase in searches for ‘Danish pastels.' 

Orange is the Second Biggest Bathroom Colour Trend

It appears Brits aren’t afraid to use colour as searches for orange bathrooms have risen 39% on Pinterest. But, is orange a good colour for the bathroom? Polly Shearer adds: 'Orange can be an excellent colour for the bathroom, as it can easily transform a dull space by adding just a flush of orange. Plus, it’s a great energising colour to wake up to in the dreaded early mornings.'

You could pair orange with grey and white features for a more neutral option. However, if you want to go bold, why not pair it with pink for a zingy grapefruit bathroom? 

Beige Bathrooms are Anything But Boring

The third predicted top colour for bathrooms in 2023 is beige - the colour gained a 30% rise in Pinterest searches.

Beige has previously been known to be a drab colour, but with clever styling, a beige bathroom can be a chic space that exudes warmth - just take a look at Mrs Hinch’s newly renovated bathroom. In fact, Mrs Hinch has changed her whole interior style from grey to beige, which could be why beige bathrooms are a popular trend. 

If you’re looking to model beige in your own bathroom, our interior expert suggests, 'add interest to a beige bathroom by using contrasting colours such as blues or greens, or try breaking up beige with patterned tiles.’

Top 5 Emerging Bathroom Trends for 2023

We analysed customer searches on their website to uncover the hottest bathroom trends for 2023, these are the results: 

  1. Warming Gold Accents - 200% 
  2. Slimline Storage - 200% 
  3. Beautiful Brass Showers - 144%
  4. Traditional Bathrooms - 83% 
  5. Unique Toilets - 50% 

Warming Gold Features 

The top predicted bathroom trend in 2023 is adding gold features to create an instant impact. Our data reveals that searches for gold taps and basins have increased 200%. However, interest in gold basins have increased the most with a 300% rise in searches. 

Polly shearer adds: 'Gold basins look incredible in most bathrooms, and are a great way to add a show stopping centrepiece to the space. You can complement the basin with a gold tap, or add contrast with a black tap.'

Maximising Storage in Small Spaces

It appears Brits are looking to maximise space in the smallest of bathrooms, with searches for small vanity units increasing by 200% in total. 

In particular, searches for wall-hung vanity units, cloakroom vanity units and compact vanity units have risen by 250%, 200%, and 100% respectively.

Vanity units combine basins with cabinets underneath which cleverly makes use of the space. Wall-hung vanity units aren’t necessarily just for smaller bathrooms but they make the bathroom appear larger by opening up the floor space.

'People often thought that a pedestal basin was their only option for a small bathroom and it may have been the only choice small enough in the past. However, there are a plethora of on-trend basins that are ideal for compact bathrooms,' adds Polly.

Beautiful Brass Showers

Internal online searches for brass shower-related items have increased by 144%, with brass shower wastes, brushed brass shower mixers and brushed brass showers increasing 200%, 200% and 129% respectively.

Polly Shearer says, 'Brass showers offer a luxe feel without the boldness of gold. This makes them ideal for those wanting to add a subtle hint of colour. 

We particularly love brass shower fittings against concrete-effect tiles or panelling. Warm brass contrasts beautifully against industrial concrete.' 

Go Back in Time with a Traditional Bathroom 

Traditional bathrooms have never gone out of style, but 2023 could be the biggest year for the trend. Our internal database has uncovered that searches for traditional bathroom items have risen by 83%, this included traditional toilets, traditional basins, and traditional showers

With the rise in living costs, Brits might be favouring a timeless bathroom style to invest in. Or it could be due to current trends such as ‘coastal grandma’ and ‘cottagecore’ that have made Brits lust over traditional fixtures in the bathroom. 

'When designing a traditional bathroom, think of curved and soft silhouettes. Contemporary bathrooms use clean sleek lines, so we want to create the opposite effect,' says Tap Warehouse’s interior expert.  

Swap the Standard Toilet for a Unique Showstopper 

Instead of opting for a standard toilet such as a close coupled model, why not choose a distinctive toilet for 2023? 

In total, interest in unique toilets has grown by 50%, with both rimless and black toilets increasing by 50%. As the name suggests, rimless toilets don’t have a rim and are the ultimate choice in contemporary toilet design. 

'Black toilets are certainly an interesting trend to appear in 2023. Although they might feel like a centre-piece item, black toilets actually work best against black or dark grey walls, where the toilet blends in beautifully with the rest of the room,' says Polly.

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