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Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are the newest trend in bathroom and toilet design, but unlike most other trends which seem to fizzle out after time, we expect rimless toilets to last. In fact, we don't just expect them to last, we expect them to take over. here at Tap Warehouse, we predict that in 5 years time, every new toilet that we sell will be a rimless toilet. But what makes us so confident of this?

In all walks of life, we're always looking for things that make our life easier and save us time; we have contactless debit cards, apps that let you order any kind of food direct to your door, and taps that dispense boiling water meaning that you no longer have to wait for the kettle to boil. Rimless toilets fall into both categories: they make our lives easier and they save us time. As the name suggests, with a rimless toilet there is no rim, making cleaning them an easy job that takes a matter of seconds.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with most new trends is the price. 'Cool' new products normally come onto the market with a hefty price tag and relies on enough people buying the product to bring the price down. This isn't a stumbling block with rimless toilets. The concept is so simple and so much better than standard toilets that they are already available for the around the same price as regular toilets.

Read more about rimless toilets in our blog - Rimless Toilets: What's all the Flush About.

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