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Close-Coupled Toilets

A close-coupled toilet is simply a standard ceramic toilet with a cistern sitting directly upon the toilet pan itself. Close-coupled toilets are generally the most affordable option, and whether you're simply buying a new toilet or completely renovating your bathroom, they are also the easiest and to install.

At Tap Warehouse, our close coupled toilets are available in a wide range of styles, from angular modern designs to traditional toilets perfect for creating a Victorian or period look.

Just because close-coupled toilets are what might be classed as the 'traditional toilet design' it doesn't mean that they haven't moved with the times. High quality dual flush internals are present in most of the toilets we offer, and great features such as soft-close or quick-release toilet seats are also present. We also have a new selection of rimless toilets which are amazingly easy to clean. All of the close coupled toilets that we sell at Tap Warehouse come from UK based suppliers and have long guarantees.

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