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5 Benefits of Having a Pot Filler in Your Kitchen

Thinking about adding a pot filler as an upgrade to your kitchen? Here are 5 ways it will make your life easier 

We all love a gadget or two in the kitchen to help make our busy lives easier - and the pot filler is tipped to be the next kitchen craze we won’t be able to live without. We’ve gone wild for air fryers, crazy for spiralizers and dotty for boiling water taps and now you’ll be craving a pot filler, we guarantee! 

In this article, we’ll explain a little more about what a pot filler is and also some of the benefits of having one in your kitchen.  

A pot filler can be a real handy gadget for busy or stylish homes

But first, what exactly is a pot filler? 

A pot filler is essentially a tap that is plumbed in next to your hob. It is usually installed either as a deck mounted or wall mounted tap giving you either hot and cold or just cold water right by your kitchen stove, hob or range cooker, convenient for cooking, and, well, filling pots! 

You might also have heard them referred to as a pasta arm or kettle tap before. There are modern and traditional designs available to suit your kitchen style. The taps usually have an extended, jointed arm to reach to your pots and pans safely on the stove and can be retracted fully to stay out of the way when not in use.

Not sold just yet? Here are 5 benefits of having a pot filler in your kitchen 

Not sure if you need one of these handy and useful gadgets in your home? These benefits should help you decide! 

1. Convenience on tap

You're cooking up a storm with several pots and pans bubbling away on the stove and you have to move away to fill your next pot, measure out some water or add a drop to give a little moisture to your dish. Disaster! Or, perhaps you have a request for yet another top up from the child tugging at your shirt…

Well, with a pot filler installed you don’t have to move, the water is conveniently right there next to you! Whether you opt for a deck mounted or wall mounted design, having the water right next to you solves the problem. The extendable arm allows you to move the tap faucet across to where you need it and provides the hot and cold water you need. Perfect. 

2. Less mess, less stress

Mess is one of the biggest causes of stress. In fact, studies have shown that mother’s, in particular, who have cluttered homes, have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol present. And so when there are pots of water being carried around the kitchen dripping across the floor, being stored by the sink and adding to that pile of pans, it can get a little overwhelming! 

A pot filler helps to minimise the mess in the kitchen and could mean you’ll actually want to cook up more dishes, more often. You’ll also be able to fill up pots and pans right by the stove and so that means less sink clutter and more room for food prep and cleaning.

3. Easy-peasy dinners 

There’s nothing better or healthier than cooking with real food yourself, but we’ve never been busier with less time on our hands, so saving time in the kitchen is better for everyone. Having a pot filler helps to make life much easier when you’re cooking, giving you the freedom to cook more food from scratch and multitask at your best. 

You can choose to install a cold water tap or have one with both a hot and cold temperature control depending on your preference. The designs also feature a 360° swivel, retractable spout and fitted with an aerator for the most functional gadget right at hand when you need it. 

Did you know that pull out kitchen taps are one of our best selling products across the site? This is because they are modern, convenient and stylish all in one go. Not content with just looking good next to your kitchen sink, they help you to prep food and clean more effectively too. Here’s some of the top customer-rated products from our range. 

4. Forget the heavy lifting 

Christmas, Easter, birthdays - all the big occasions that we come across during the year and many of us enjoy cooking big family meals to accompany the celebrations. But lugging heavy pans across the kitchen can of course be a hazard, let alone give us back pain from the weight!

Having that handy tap by your stove to fill pots or give a little dash of water to a pan certainly helps to minimise the amount of heavy lifting you'll need to do as well as making things a breeze.

You'll be able to choose a pot filler in either a matt black and chrome style

5. Aesthetic appeal 

And finally, we must mention the style and appeal having one of these taps will bring to you and your kitchen. In a world where we crave modernity and convenience in buckets, you will be the envy of friends, family and guests. Not to mention anyone who views your house if you choose to put it on the market. It could just be the deal breaker they were after! 

Choose from matt black or chrome designs to complement your kitchen and we even have a traditional style from the exquisite, Butler & Rose. There really is a pot filler for all.

Renovating or upgrading your kitchen or just in need of a fancy new toy? Take a look at our range of pot fillers or browse our full range of kitchen taps or kitchen sinks for more ideas for your project. 

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