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Home Horrors: From Scary Suites to Stunning Spaces

This Halloween we bring to you our top bathroom and kitchen renovations that have been transformed from home horrors into stunning spaces. These renovations begun with some pretty garish designs including pink ceramics, lime green walls and clashing tiles, but have been transformed into beautiful, modern spaces that are completely unrecognisable. Read on if you dare!

Lime Green to Monochrome Dream

It’s hard to believe that this marvellous monochrome suite was formerly a chilling chaos of lime green and unsightly clutter, but the result is something to be admired. The completed bathroom is ten times brighter, cleaner and more inviting, with the matt black accents creating definition against the metro tiles and wooden floors. Swapping a full pedestal basin with a wall mounted semi pedestal basin creates more floor space and opens up the room and I think we can all say a collective good riddance to the green!

Cluttered Calamity to Luscious Luxury

Swipe to the ‘before’ image of this kitchen if you want a spooky surprise. This is a renovation to end all renovations; it’s safe to say that this kitchen needed more than just a lick of paint. The new space is brought to life by the island with pendant lights, white cupboards with brass handles and open shelving. Minimalist kitchens are bang on trend, and can be achieved with nifty storage to prevent clutter, a focus on neutral colours and plenty of wall space. The transformation here is incredible and it no longer resembles a house from an apocalyptic movie...

Dated Disaster to Stunning Spa Retreat

This old fashioned pink and blue medley has been transformed into a soft, neutral bathroom fit with natural colours and textures, chrome fittings and wall mounted storage. The freestanding bath opens up the space beautifully and allows room for a walk in shower which is the ultimate luxury! We do agree that pink ceramics can work in some bathrooms, but it certainly didn’t for this one.

Woeful Wallpaper to Bright Beginnings

Here we are again with more coloured ceramics! Baby blue is a lovely tone to add a touch of playfulness to bathrooms, however this mismatch of period prints, vintage wallpaper and unpractical vanity unit turned this bathroom into a dated disaster. Bright wall lights, large mirrors and reflective chrome taps are great ways to make your bathroom brighter and more inviting and have done wonders for this transformation. Introducing a double vanity, minimalist accessories, neutral walls and floors ensure that simple doesn’t have to mean boring.

Not so Pretty in Pink to Opulent Oasis 

This glorious biophilic bathroom has a previous life of an old fashioned, pink overloaded space, with too many tiles to count. The 70’s vintage bathroom paired with the pink bath, toilet and carpet, (ouch), created a cluttered mess-zone that was dark and dingy. But there is hope, the finished result reveals a bathroom with a new lease of life, thanks to the change in layout, swap from a traditional toilet to a combined WC unit and the introduction of a sleek column radiator. The feature floor tiles, white walls, and touch of greenery makes for a beautiful oasis that’s unrecognisable to before.

Melancholy Misery to Glistening Glamour

The drastic difference between the before and after of this kitchen is remarkable. The gloomy, dark wood debacle is enough to spook anyone, but never fear as this was soon transformed into a blissful blue and brass medley that’s much more appealing! Adding in pops of colour is a great way to add a playful edge to your kitchen and the recessed lighting underneath the cabinets bounces off the reflective worktops which is a nifty trick to brighten a space that may not have ample natural daylight.

Dark and Dreary to Vibrant Victory

This is a prime example of how replacing your shower curtain with a shower door will be the best thing you ever do! Not only does this help to carry light around the room, it looks much more sleek, and is easier to clean. The previous bathroom contained plenty of dull grey tones, with dark wall colours and limited storage, and didn’t have the ambience that a self care sanctuary should have. The bathroom after renovation is a monochrome masterpiece, made softer with the light wood vanity and accessories, and is ten times more welcoming.

Frightening Florals to Stunning Simplicity

We can all let out a sigh of relief when looking at this bathroom transformation. The floral ceramics paired with a cream bath and old fashioned pedestal basin and taps gave period bathroom vibes, which was gasping for some TLC. A switch up in layout combined with the neutral grey tiles and smart countertop basin transformed this cluttered, messy aesthetic to create one that looks simple, stylish and inviting.

Colour Clash to Smart Serenity

There was a lot going on in this colourful suite, including a large vanity holding a very small basin and too many tiles, textures and shapes to count. It really did resemble a bathroom of nightmares... However, there was an end in sight. The finished result sees a sleek double vanity unit, striking subway tiles and recessed shelving that’s minimalist and efficient. Less is definitely more when it comes to bathroom design, and one of the best ways to smarten up your space is to go for a simple design and avoid overloading patterns, tiles and colours.

Nude Nightmare to Bright & Beautiful

The ‘before’ of this kitchen resembled that of an outdated social club, but never fear, swipe right and you’ll reveal a glorious transformation that looks unrecognisable to its previous. Switching the lacklustre cupboards and vintage handles with fresh, white cupboards creates an openness and a much cleaner finish that’s welcoming instead of off-putting. The marble worktops, classic matt black tap and fresh, white cupboards have level up this space into a kitchen of beauty. The nude is no more, and the stainless steel sink has been replaced by a large Butler sink, giving even more elegance.

Now that was a lot to take in! These transformations truly make you believe that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. If you're revamping your home but aren't sure where to start, take a look at our article exploring the best kitchen storage ideas to help you achieve a modern, decluttered space.

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