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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchens are some of the most cluttered spaces in our homes. With food, cutlery, pots, pans, plates and more all needing to fit in one space, things can quickly start to feel chaotic. That’s why you need to think very carefully about how you arrange everything! In this guide we’ll outline our top kitchen storage ideas so yours can be a beautiful and relaxing space. 

Kitchen Island

If you have lots of empty floorspace in your kitchen, you can give yourself some extra storage by installing a kitchen island with cupboards. These are becoming increasingly popular as they provide extra countertop space while helping to divide up the kitchen. Many kitchen islands will also feature a separate kitchen sink or boiling water tap.


Storage Jars

Although we love the look of open shelving, having lots of different food products, all with different sized & coloured packaging, it can sometimes look cluttered and chaotic. That's why we recommend decanting these items into storage jars.

Using jars of a similar style and size will help your kitchen feel more balanced and all the different types of food almost become a style piece on their own. If you want to go for a more rustic look, why not try upcycling some older

Upcycled Cabinet

When you're looking to add some new storage space to your home, it doesn't always need to be new. Sometimes you can create beautiful storage solutions by upcycling an older piece of furniture. This can not only allow you to be creative by painting it your favourite colour, it will also give you a unique item you're unlikely to see in any other kitchen.


Hanging Glasses

Taken straight from your local pub, keep all your wine glasses close to hand by hanging them underneath your kitchen cupboard.


Mug Hooks

If you're struggling for cupboard space to store all your favourite mugs, why not add some mug hooks to your wall? Hanging items can give your kitchen a charming, rustic feel and your choice of mugs can become part of the kitchen decor itself! We love the vintage hooks used here, particularly when paired with the vibrant tiles in the background. 

Magnetic Knife Rack

Once only found in restaurant kitchens, magnetic knife racks are becoming increasingly popular in ordinary households. This storage solution will free up the countertop space usually occupied by a knife rack and allow you to easily find the right knife you need. Although we love this look, it isn't something we'd recommend for homes with children!


Kitchen Cabinet Curtain

Sometimes open shelving, particularly when under worktops, can make your kitchen feel cluttered. That's why we love this kitchen storage idea. A curtain rail with your favourite fabric is a cost effective way to cover up those shelves and will look great in country kitchens.


Hanging Utensils & Pans

We've previously spoken about hanging utensils and pans in our country kitchen and industrial kitchen articles. This storage idea can make your kitchen feel like a professional workspace and makes it really easy for you to find what you're looking for. It will also free up storage space elsewhere in your kitchen.


Heated Towel Rail

Where do you currently store your kitchen towel and tea towels? For the majority of people the answer is probably on the oven door or another door handle where it can't dry properly. That's where the heated towel rail comes in! These will provide heat for your kitchen whilst keeping your towels dry and fresh.

Heated towel rails are available in a great range of styles so they're not just functional, they can become an integral part of your kitchens style. 

Kitchen Trolley

If you've used up all your built in storage and still need some extra room, a kitchen trolley could be just what you're looking for. These can be used to hold tea towels, cutlery, plates or spices and can be easily wheeled around the kitchen where you need them. Although this may not seem like a desirable design choice, if you pick the right one like the industrial style in the image below, it can really add to the look and feel of your kitchen.


Boiling Water Tap

If you want your kitchen to look as sleek and clean as possible, you need to minimise any clutter on the worktops. That's where the boiling water tap comes in. Ditch the clunky kettle and purchase a tap which allows you to have hot, cold and boiling water all in one modern, stylish package. If you want to learn more about boiling water taps, take a look at our comprehensive guide.

Open Shelving

Having built in units all the way up to the ceiling can make your kitchen feel smaller and more cramped, which is why we love open shelving. This is much easier and cheaper to install than fitted cupboards and can make it really easy to find what you're looking for. As it's much simpler to install than built in units, you can also add and remove shelves as your storage needs change.


Charging Drawer

The kitchen is a place where many of us will leave our devices to charge. However, all those devices and cables will lead to a kitchen surface that looks cluttered and untidy. That's where this great kitchen storage idea comes in. Installing a drawer with built in sockets means you'll always have somewhere to charge your phone, without the mess.


That concludes our countdown of kitchen storage ideas. Remember that it doesn't matter how large or small your kitchen is, there will always be a way to use the space more efficiently! 

If you need more ideas to help you design your perfect kitchen, take a look at our country kitchen, industrial kitchen or rose gold kitchen guides.

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