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Rose Gold Kitchen Ideas

Rose gold is a finish which is becoming increasingly popular throughout homes in the UK. In this guide we take you through what we mean by Rose Gold and how you can add it to your kitchen.

What is a Rose Gold Finish?

Rose gold has a similar appearance to gold or copper but with a slightly ‘rosey' or pink tint. Many see it as an alternative to traditional gold as although it still looks stunning, it is slightly more understated. 

When adding rose gold to your kitchen, the key is subtlety. Too much rose gold is likely to be overwhelming and unattractive. Instead, rose gold is the perfect secondary colour which will add a touch of class and an extra shine to darker and neutral kitchens. 

Rose Gold will often work best when paired with grey, white or black. These 3 colours provide a neutral pallet that rose gold will enhance.


Rose Gold Kitchen Styles


As the popularity of rose gold is relatively new, it is often associated with sleek modern kitchens. Here it will look great against the modern blacks and greys whilst providing a welcome alternative to the stainless steel finishes which are common in modern kitchens.


Although it has only recently become popular, rose gold can also look great in traditional kitchens. As it has a similar finish to copper but slightly more colour, it's the ideal replacement for those fittings and accessories in a traditional space. 


How To Add Rose Gold To Your Kitchen

Rose Gold Kitchen Taps

Your tap is the obvious place to start adding rose gold to your kitchen. This is something you’ll use frequently, so it’s important to choose a tap which looks great.


If you choose to move away from the built in lighting found in many kitchens, then opt for rose gold lampshades. Larger, metallic lamp shades hung from wires are an increasingly popular choice for kitchens. As a result there’s no shortage of stunning rose gold lampshades for you to choose from.


Rose Gold Kitchen Chairs

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend a rose gold table, metallic rose gold chairs will make an excellent addition to your kitchen. Metallic chairs look very modern and stylish but the usual colours of grey or black can look quite dull and plain. These chairs keep the modern look but the rose gold finish helps to brighten up the room.


Rose Gold Kitchen Appliances

As rose gold increases in popularity, more and more appliance manufacturers are producing products with this finish and it's an excellent little detail to help complement other rose gold fittings. Purchasing a rose gold toaster or kettle is a relatively cheap way to introduce rose gold into your kitchen, but if you really want to commit to the look, you can spend a lot more money. You can now purchase rose gold ovens, coffee machines, microwaves and even fridges. However, before you run out and spend all your money, we have a couple of caveats.

Remember that too much rose gold can be overwhelming. An oven, fridge, dishwasher alongside other appliances in this finish could be too much. Secondly, remember that design fashions and trends do change. A fridge and oven can be expected to last at least 10 years, so you need to be confident that you'll want to stick with the rose gold look for the long haul!


Rose Gold Kitchen Utensils & Accessories

Sometimes when designing a kitchen, it’s the small details which can have the biggest impact on the look and feel of your space. That’s why small details such as rose gold utensils and accessories shouldn't be ignored. As we’ve mentioned in our industrial and country kitchens articles, hanging utensils are increasingly popular and incorporating the rose gold finish here will look stunning.


Rose Gold Kitchen Worktop

Although not as common as some of the other items on this list, we have seen kitchens with a rose gold worktop. Metallic worktops are perfect for industrial style kitchens as they give off an aura of strength and durability. Whilst the rose gold is in keeping with this, the rose tint helps to soften the look slightly. If you are going for this look, we’d recommend choosing a set of black taps.


Door Handles

Adding rose gold handles to your kitchen cabinets is a subtle way to continue the theme throughout your kitchen. Paired with a white, grey or black kitchen cabinet, this finish will add some colour and texture to your kitchen which will really help to complete the look.


Pairing With Rose Gold

As it's important to use this finish in small amounts, you also need to consider which products you can pair with it.

Kitchen Sink

We recommend pairing your rose gold kitchen tap with a white or black kitchen sink. This will help to make the beautiful finish stand out and avoid any clashing likely to occur if you install a stainless steel or copper sink. 

Similarly, we would avoid any sinks with too much texture. Brushed or metallic sinks will likely overshadow and clash with your beautiful new rose gold tap, rather than enhance it.


When choosing the radiator for your kitchen, go for a neutral black, grey or white. As with the rest of the kitchen, you don’t want to add too many other colours which will overshadow the rose gold. We have an excellent selection of modern and traditional radiators available in a great choice of colours and styles. Below are a few of our favourites.

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