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Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Industrial kitchen design has its roots in professional kitchens and restaurants but this style is now making its way into homes. As this design philosophy becomes ever popular, we give you our top industrial kitchen ideas, along with some tips to help yours stand out from the crowd.


Benefits Of Industrial Kitchens

One of the biggest benefits of industrial kitchens is their durability. As you're going to be using strong metals and solid woods, your kitchen is likely to stand the test of time better than an built in kitchen constructed from lower quality materials. 

Although some aspects of creating your perfect kitchen can be expensive, with industrial design you can easily save money by recycling. Taking something older and giving it a refresh will make a stunning addition to your kitchen and should cost a fraction of the price of buying something new. 

Finally, industrial design can be very easy to create and modify. Modern kitchens usually feature built in cabinets which once installed, are very difficult to change. Industrial design encourages you to move away from the fitted look and use open shelving and non fitted lighting, which will allow you to modify your kitchen as and when you want to.


Industrial Kitchen Materials

The feel of an industrial kitchen originates from the materials used. The use of metal throughout is particularly important and will help give the sleek, harsher look you’re looking for. Stainless steel is a popular choice but the use of copper or nickle is an excellent way to add colour. If you want to soften the look, adding wood, particularly from up-cycled items, is a great way to go and will help give your kitchen a slightly more 'rustic feel'.



When creating an industrial kitchen you’ll largely want to focus on darker colours. Although you can brighten it up with a white floor or some fun retro signage, overall you should focus on grey, black & silver.

Kitchen Sink

When choosing the kitchen sink, the larger the better. Selecting a large sink will give the impression of a professional environment and allow you lots of space in which to work. A traditional belfast sink with a metallic twist is a great option here.

When considering materials, stainless steel is an excellent choice. The metallic look will really add to the industrial feel and it has the added bonus of resistance to stains & rust. If you want to add some colour to your kitchen but want to keep the metallic look, consider a copper sink.

Kitchen Taps

When choosing your kitchen taps, the first consideration is style. For that professional look & feel we'd recommend a pull out tap. Once the preserve of restaurants, these taps are highly practical and are available in a great range of designs.

However, industrial kitchens don't always have to be incredibly modern. If you're going for slightly more old fashioned style using metals and up cycled materials, a traditional tap design may be more suitable.

Alongside style, choosing the right finish is crucial. When purchasing your tap, the right finish will largely depend on the look of the rest of your kitchen. If you've gone for a modern metallic look, stainless steel is an obvious choice. If you've chosen to create an more rustic industrial look, consider nickel, pewter or even copper.

Kitchen Island

One of the features you'll find in many industrial kitchens is the kitchen island. Found in the middle of the room, these can often resemble a workbench and act as the hub of your kitchen when entertaining. A kitchen island can also double as a handy storage space, or as an area to host a separate boiling water tap.



When choosing lighting, forget the built in lights found in most modern kitchens. Classic Edison or filament bulbs will add to the warehouse look whilst providing the subtle, low light levels needed to enhance the look of darker fixtures & fittings.

Metal lampshades hung from cables will add to the exposed look which gives an industrial kitchen its charm. If you really want to add character, look to upcycle some old lampshades or even keep them in their original condition. Sometimes a small amount of rust or signs of use can add to the charm.


Open Shelving

When choosing how to organise your kitchen, open shelving is key. In an industrial kitchen, having pots, pans and plates on show can add to the look. Ditch the fitted units and keep everything close to hand like a professional kitchen. If you do decide you want more traditional kitchen units, choose a black, grey or dark coloured finish and opt for metallic handles.



A chalkboard will help you add a little charm to your kitchen space. The black colour fits perfectly with the design philosophy but being able to draw whatever you want can bring a human touch to a design style which can sometimes feel harsh and clinical.


Antique Clock

A large old analogue clock is another way to enhance the industrial feel. Hung from the ceiling or mounted on a wall, these can act as an excellent centrepiece for your kitchen.



When looking for ways to heat your industrial kitchen, metallic column radiators are the way to go. A radiator with large, chunky sections will bring you lots of heat and add to the solid, factory style environment you are looking to create. There's a great selection to choose from here but for a truly industrial style, consider our bare metal lacquer finish.


When choosing the floor for your kitchen, an obvious choice is concrete. This will look the part but may be too cold & harsh for the majority of people. Wood is an excellent choice as it will help to soften the look of the kitchen whilst bringing a natural material to a space which will be largely dominated by metal. 

If you choose to tile your floors, white is a good choice. This will help lighten the room and provide a difference in colour between the dark kitchen units & your floor.

Hanging Utensils

Hanging utensils, pots and pans near your cooker or hob is a feature of many professional kitchens which will look stunning in your home. This is easy to do and can really help to create that open, warehouse look. The addition of a magnetic wall hung knife rack will complete the effect and you'll have a working space which is practical and stylish.


Bar Stools

An industrial kitchen should look raw and functional, so when choosing seating, we’d always go for old fashioned stools. Whether you purchase a new set or take the upcycling option, these are easily moved around making them ideal for entertaining.

If you do want to opt for chairs rather than bar stools, go for metal. Although this may seem like style over comfort, wooden chairs are likely to look out of place and comfort can always be improved with some cushions.


Large Windows

With lots of black and grey colours, one of the problems many industrial kitchens face is being too dark. Although this can sometimes add to the industrial aesthetic, for day to day living it's unlikely to be pleasant. As a result, many industrial kitchens incorporate a large window which can allow a lot of light in. If your budget allows, opt for some older style black frame windows which will beautifully match the rest of your kitchen.


Vintage Signs

If you're looking to create the industrial look, you can’t go wrong with an old metallic sign. Whether it's a road sign or your favourite brand of drink, touches like this can add extra character to your kitchen and really make it feel like your own.


Brick Walls

This is a trend which is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens and will help create the feel of an urban loft apartment. If you are lucky enough to have a brick wall in your kitchen, leave it exposed rather than painting over it. This will bring a lot of texture into your kitchen, providing the perfect juxtaposition to the sleek metals in the rest of the room.


So there you have it, a comprehensive set of industrial kitchen ideas to help you on your way. Whether you want to completely renovate your kitchen or just add some industrial elements, we have the kitchen taps and sinks you need to get started.

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