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2024 Kitchen Trends Report

Looking ahead to the new year, it’s time to find out what’s going to be hot and what’s not. Here’s our latest kitchen trends report for 2024. 

We’ve never been more in love with kitchen design so it’s no surprise that more people than ever are giving the heart of the home a makeover. Google is recording a 39% jump for the term “Kitchen design” over the past year with an average of 276k searches per month. 

As we look ahead to a new year, we analysed our own internal sales and search data along with Social Media to uncover the top kitchen trends set to dominate in 2024. 

Rising trends

First up - let's take a look at the emerging kitchen trends.

1. Cosy vibes 

It seems it might be goodbye to the white and bright kitchens we’ve come to love once and for all and instead opt for a cosier vibe in 2024. “Cosy kitchen” and “cosy kitchen ideas” have become a growing trend on Pinterest over the last three months. Similarly, Instagram records more than 25.1k posts using the term #cosykitchen and a further 69.2k for #cozykitchen, suggesting people are now favouring a more relaxed, lived-in aesthetic. 

Cosy kitchens have a country-style, rustic vibe with natural accents such as wooden surfaces and shelving and plenty of kitchen tools and accessories on show. They’re decorated with lots of plantlife and sentimental ornaments helping to add to the overall look. Subtle lighting under cabinets adds to the mood and richer colours create the ambience.

Dom Lees Bell, kitchen design expert, shares: “There’s definitely a desire for a more relaxed kitchen aesthetic that looks lived-in and comfortable. A rustic, country styling with deeper shades of colour adding warmth and that all-important cosy feel.”

If this sounds like the trend for you, you might want to take a closer look at our brushed brass kitchen taps and beige and cream kitchen sinks

2. Lap of Luxury 

More people are seeking luxury in their kitchen according to Pinterest who has recorded a growing trend for the term “luxury kitchen” in the last few months, which as a hashtag has already amassed more than 500k Instagram posts. 

Chic design and beautiful aesthetic create a luxurious and celeb-worthy kitchen space where statement lighting adds drama and metallic finishes add richness. Marble countertops, jewel shades and larger-than-life islands complete the look. 

Dom adds: “It was understated luxury - or quiet luxury - that was big in interiors this year and that’s the trend that’s sticking around. It’s about blending high quality, well-made materials that are subtle but elegant - not flashy. This type of kitchen design may seem like it’s out of reach because of the look of expense, but there are plenty of affordable options for people looking to add luxury to their kitchen next year.”

Love the idea of luxurious touch to your kitchen space? Check out these gorgeous kitchen taps which are perfect for this trend. 

3. That Golden Glow 

When it comes to adding a touch of decadence or statement styling in the kitchen, then gold has become the popular choice. Gold and brass kitchen taps are hugely popular with our customers, but it’s kitchen sinks that are getting a luxurious makeover in 2024. 

Google searches for “gold kitchen sink” have seen an increase of 8% in the last 12 months and posts on Instagram are already starting to grow with 4k so far for the term #goldsink.

Similarly, we have recorded an uplift of 198% in views of our gold sinks on the website.

Dom adds: “These sinks are truly showstoppers and look great as a focal point in a kitchen. They add a real touch of elegance and make a statement when paired with matching taps. This is a one-to-watch kitchen trend for sure, we have seen interest steadily growing and customers are becoming more excited by the products we have on site. Our ranges include various styles and sizes like undermount and inset designs. We even have a traditional Belfast gold sink. Now that’s a real feature!"

4. Modern Traditional

Modern convenience in the kitchen has certainly taken centre stage as people look for smart technology and easy decor to suit busy lives. But, thanks to brands combining traditional style with modern functionality, traditional kitchens look set to make a hefty return in 2024. 

The term “Traditional kitchens” has not only seen a 12% jump in search volume over the last month, it’s also amassed more than 72k posts on Instagram (#traditionalkitchen). 

Similarly, we saw a 162% increase in visitors browsing our traditional kitchen taps this year and a 218% jump for our traditional Belfast sink range compared to last year. 

Dom suggests: “Traditional vs modern kitchen design has always been a question of taste, but we are definitely seeing an uplift in interest for products that have a traditional edge to them. We are finding that a lot of customers are choosing to match their fixtures to personal style and that can mean a contrast of both modern and traditional features."

kitchen trends
Combining traditional features with modern functionality will be centre stage in 2024

Staying strong

How about those kitchen trends that made it big in 2023? There are some that will be sticking around next year too. 

5. Dark and moody

A darker, more edgier aesthetic to kitchens will continue to be popular in 2024 with Pinterest recording steady growth in interest during the end of 2023. And there’s now 4.2k posts pertaining to #moodykitchen on Instagram and a further 59k for #moodyinteriors.

Behaviour on site supports this as we’ve seen a considerable shift in interest for products that fit this aesthetic. Visitors browsing products such as grey kitchen sinks has increased more than 210% in 2023, while black kitchen taps have seen a 180% increase and black kitchen sinks by 241%. 

Dom explains: “The trend for a darker and moodier kitchen space has really taken off this year and we see it continuing next year. I think homeowners are seeking a space that has personality and colour in the fixtures and fittings rather than the more clinical look we've seen before. The moody kitchen has a much cosier, traditional feeling too, with rich, warming shades and more classic brassware.”

6. Japandi Kitchen Design 

Japandi styling has maintained a steady level of interest over the last 12 months according to Pinterest. A calming mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influences that blends minimalism with natural aesthetics and easy, simple decor. 

Terms such as #naturalkitchen have already amassed more than 79k posts on Instagram and “minimal kitchen design” has recorded a 40% increase on Pinterest from 2022. Similarly, #japandi has seen a massive 75% increase in posts on Instagram in 2023 rising from 131k in 2022 to 522k in 2023. 

Dulux announced its colour of the year for 2024 will be a versatile and neutral peach touched shade called: ‘Sweet Embrace’, while Pantone’s colour of the year is also a soft, pinkish-orange hue named: ‘Peach Fuzz’. Both of which seemingly fit with this Japandi ‘happy’ aesthetic perfectly.

And it seems this laid back, chic and invisible style is proving hugely popular with you too! We’ve already recorded a 175% jump in interest on products like undermount kitchen sinks which suit this minimal and clean style. 

Dom adds: “Japandi styling harnesses the very best features from Scandi interiors and Japanese minimalism to create a calm and relaxing kitchen experience. This minimalist, yet effervescent style has proven popular in kitchens as it’s a much cleaner and hygienic aesthetic without compromising on warmth. As a result of this, we are seeing more interest in undermount sinks which suit that invisible kitchen aesthetic perfectly as they fit inside your worktops. This option gives people a great way to save space and keep kitchen design slick.”

7. Industrial Chic 

As more households consider the importance of sustainability and their eco footprint, there’s definitely a continuing desire to make longer-lasting and more responsible purchases - and it’s becoming increasingly popular within the kitchen sphere. 

We have seen a more than 450% increase in site visitors browsing stainless steel sinks in 2023 and a further 227% increase in users browsing stainless steel kitchen taps

Being dubbed #industrialchic, stainless steel is set to continue to shape many more interior projects in 2024 with more than 183k posts on Instagram using that hashtag.  

Stainless steel sinks and taps are great for the kitchen as they are corrosion resistant as well as fire and heat resistant. They are much more hygienic and have a greater resilience over time. They also look great as they are shiny and chic in the kitchen and of course they provide a long-lasting solution which is much more sustainable for the planet. 

Dom adds: “Stainless steel has a huge number of benefits which is why it’s becoming such a popular choice within interiors. It’s always been present in the kitchen but has often been overshadowed by trendier ceramic or cheaper granite materials in recent years. We are now noticing customers showing a much more revived interest in these products and we think this is largely down to us all becoming more eco-conscious as well as thrifty with the economical issues we’ve faced lately. It’s only understandable that we want our money to go further, more so now than ever before.”

The Most Popular Kitchen Trends According To Instagram

After David Beckham revealed his unequivocal love for his kitchen (and outdoor kitchen) in his Netflix documentary, this functional space has been thrown firmly back into the spotlight. 

We took to Instagram to find out just how much we’ve grown to love this space finding out what are the top 5 most popular trends and which emerging trends to explore next.

Top 5 Kitchen Trends on Instagram

1. #whitekitchen 860k 

2.#blackkitchen 190k

3. #greykitchen 173k

4. #darkkitchen 150k

5. #greenkitchen 132k

5 Emerging Kitchen Trends on Instagram

1. #Pinkkitchen 89k

2. #outdoorkitchens 77k

3. #sustainablekitchen 63K

4. #familykitchen 51k 

5. #stainless steel kitchen 34k

That’s it for our roundup of kitchen trends for 2024. If you're considering making some changes to your kitchen in 2024 - we have a great range of kitchen taps and kitchen sinks. You can find even more advice and inspiration, plus buying guides for all products on our blog. Check back soon!

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