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Wet Room Ideas

Wet rooms are a great idea for small to medium bathrooms, as once a bulky bath is removed, it will create a more luxurious space for a walk in shower. Wet rooms are also easily accessible, simple to clean and increase the value of your property, so it’s not surprising that more people are opting for modern wet rooms. This article contains some wet room ideas to help you get started.

How Much Do Wet Rooms Cost?

Wet rooms can cost as little as £5,000 up to £10,000 depending on your choice of materials, tiles and heating. Wet rooms are often the most expensive type of bathroom design, but this cost is to ensure a high quality, waterproofed room. Bathroom improvements are also one of the best ways to add value to your home.

Can you Have a Wet Room in a Small Bathroom?

You can get shower trays from as small as 800mm x 800mm so we recommend wet rooms to be slightly larger than this to give you space to get in and out of the shower. Wet rooms can be a key feature of a large bathroom or even be installed on its own as a shower room.

Marble Wet Room

Small Wet Room Ideas

Wet rooms are great for spaces where a bath may not fit, and they can turn a narrow, enclosed space into an open bathroom that's much more inviting. Turn your tiny bathroom space into luxury with these small wet room ideas.

Awkward Shaped Rooms

Rooms with sloped ceilings such as attics can benefit from being turned into shower rooms. Long, narrow rooms where a bathtub or shower enclosure may not fit are the perfect opportunity to fit a wet room to make the best use of the space available. 

Sloped Ceiling Wet Room

Space Saving Sanitaryware

Wall mounted toilets and basins are also recommended, as the wall hung aspect minimises the potential areas for water to build up beneath the units. Wooden vanity units should be avoided as wood doesn't mix too well with water as it can expand and not dry out properly. Wall hung furniture also gives a minimalist and clean finish.

Wall Mounted Toilet

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are non-pourus, so are ideal for wet room walls. They also look stylish & clean and give a sheen to small spaces, which carries light across the room, making it appear larger. Just remember that ceramic tiles are not the best option for wet room floors!

Wet Room Flooring

The best flooring for wet rooms includes vinyl, plywood and mosaics. Anti-slip properties and resistance to water are essential in wet rooms to ensure that the space safe and accessible.


WBP Ply, which is a type of plywood, is a perfect seamless material for wet room subfloors.  When installed on top of a floor's framing system, it forms a secure base for the finished floor layers to be laid on top of it. Creating an underlay of ply beneath your floor provides a more durable, smoother surface for the final layer to rest upon, as well as an extra moisture barrier.  The floorboards will need to be taken up and supported with floor formers and then the ply lining, which also makes it easier to create a gradient to ensure the water drains successfully.

Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic tiles are also great for wet rooms as they’re non-porous and are anti-slip. Floor tiles such as marble or limestone are not recommended for wet rooms as they don’t have as much grip as mosaics.

Mosaic Floor Tiles

Vinyl Flooring

For a cost-effective and reliable flooring option for wet rooms, vinyl is another option we recommend. Sheet vinyl, vinyl tile and luxury vinyl flooring are usually made with properties that are completely waterproof, so are great not only wet rooms, but bathroom flooring in general. If you’re looking for cheap floor tiles that will stand the test of time, we recommend vinyl tiles.


It's important to keep the drainage system efficient to ensure that water doesn't build up. The best wet rooms have a gradient floor to ensure that water flows into a drain, keeping residue water and puddles to a minimum. Also, ensure that the drain is placed as far away from the door as possible to keep the water contained. 


The most popular choice for heating wet rooms is underfloor heating as it is efficient and keeps your bathroom nice and toasty. Getting the right heating for wet rooms ensures that residue water dries quicker, limiting steam and mould.

Underfloor Heating

To keep your heating out of sight, underfloor heating is an efficient and most popular option for small shower rooms. The heating gently warms the tiles from below, allowing them to dry more quickly. This heating option is also beneficial for small or narrow rooms where a bulky heated towel rail may not fit.

Underfloor Wet Room Heating

Small Heated Towel Rails

If you have a larger bathroom, a heated towel rail is a great option and will ensure that your towels are soft and dry post-shower! We have a great selection of small radiators in a range of styles and finishes:

Design Ideas

Wet rooms are not only efficient, but a stylish option for contemporary homes. They are also easier to clean, so you can spend less time with the marigolds, and more time enjoying your luxurious shower.

Fixed Shower Heads

Opt for a fixed shower head to give a sleek and minimalist look to your wet room, and to provide a luxurious shower experience. It's also a good idea to install a handset as well as a fixed head to give you more showering options, which is especially useful if you don't want to get your hair wet!

Matt Black Fixed Shower Head

Wet Room Panels

Even though they’re not essential, many wet rooms have glass panels to contain splashes. Panels give a minimalist, modern edge to showers and there are many available, from matt black to brushed brass. Instead of a panel, you can go for a half tiled wall if you have enough space to do so, to distinguish the two parts of your bathroom. 


Built in shelving and shower caddies are useful for small wet rooms as they make use of the wall space to create storage. Built in shower shelves are a modern bathroom feature and provide an excellent space to keep shower products away from the floor. Tile inside of the shelf to make a standout feature, and have it on a slight gradient to prevent water build up.

Built In Shower Shelf

Wet rooms are very popular choice for modern homes, and we hope this guide has been insightful on how to plan one, along with some design advice. For further inspiration on bathroom design ideas, take a look at our article on how to choose the right shower enclosure to reveal what to consider when designing a bathroom.

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