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Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure

When buying a shower enclosure there's a huge range of different options available. This can seem confusing at first, so we've created this guide to take you through the process of choosing the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom.

What To Consider


Where you want to position your shower enclosure in your bathroom will have an impact on the type you choose. The main consideration is the location of your existing pipework. Using the plumbing from your existing shower will make the installation a lot easier and for most people, will determine where they put their enclosure.


Considering how much space you have in your bathroom and how much you'll have left after you've installed your enclosure is important. Do you have room to install a large enclosure? Or do you want to install a separate bath so need to keep things compact?

shower enclosure space

Door Opening

Depending on the type of enclosure you choose, you'll also need to consider the space required to open the shower door. It's no good having a shower enclosure which fits well in your bathroom if you're not able to get in and out of it easily.


Something else to factor in is how you want your shower enclosure to look. Are you looking for modern and minimalist, or do you want something traditional?

Shower Glass Thickness

When choosing your shower glass on Tap Warehouse, you will see a 'glass thickness' figure. The thicker the glass on your shower screen, the more durable and long lasting it will usually be. 

Recessed Or Corner Shower Enclosure?

The majority of shower enclosures will fall into two categories: recessed and corner.

Recessed Shower Enclosures

These are built within 3 solid walls and will simply need a tray and a door. They have a similar feel to built in wardrobes and are ideal if you already have an alcove space you can use. 


Corner Shower Enclosures

If you're not installing an enclosure in a recess you'll usually install it in a corner. To install a corner shower enclosure you will need to purchase a shower tray and panels. The number of panels you need will depend on the type of enclosure you choose.


Selecting Your New Shower Enclosure

There's a range of different types of shower enclosure for you to choose from at Tap Warehouse. Here we outline some of the options you have and their benefits.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

These are a popular type of shower enclosure that can be installed in a corner. They are comprised of one wrap around screen that is attached to the wall, which makes them simple to install.

Quadrant enclosures are perfect for smaller bathrooms, en suite bathrooms or for those who want a separate bath and shower so need to save space. The sliding doors of quadrant enclosures makes getting in and out easy. As they will have sliding doors, you also don't need to worry about how far the door will open outwards into your bathroom.

Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

Sliding door shower enclosures are ideal for anyone who doesn't have large amounts of space. As the door will slide rather than open outwards, you don't need to worry about door opening widths. 

Our sliding door enclosures are available in a great range of different sizes. You are also able to choose whether you need just a door for a recessed installation, or add optional side panels.

Bi-Fold Shower Enclosures

Bi-Fold shower doors are ideal for anyone looking for a shower door which doesn't open wide into the room, but still has a large opening. The doors are on runners and open inwards to fold in on each other. 

Our Bi-Fold doors are available either on their own for recessed installations or with optional side panelsF

Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot doors will usually open outwards into your bathroom. Although this means you do need a large space to open them, you also get a bigger opening, making getting in and out a breeze. As with the other enclosures here, you can choose to purchase a pivot door for a recessed installation or add extra optional side panels.

Walk In Shower Enclosures

If you have a lot of space and really want to add a luxury feature, consider a walk in shower enclosure. These are made up of multiple panels without the need for a shower door. This gives them their 'walk in' name and will give your bathroom a modern, minimalist feel.

Walk in shower enclosures are very easy to keep clean as there are no runners or hinges to trap dirt and other bathroom grime. With no doors or small openings, they are also very easy to get in and out of, ideal for anyone with mobility issues. However, they are usually a lot larger than the other enclosures here and will take up more bathroom space.


Walk In Enclosure Installation

Walk in shower enclosures can be installed directly onto a tiled or waterproofed floor, or can be placed on top of a shower tray. To really achieve the modern look, we'd opt for a low profile shower tray. There are a number of different options available when creating your walk in shower. It will usually consist of a panel and a bracing bar to keep everything sturdy. You can also choose to add extra panels depending on your needs.

Optional return panel is something you will sometimes see on our shower enclosure product pages. Also known as a flipper panel, this is a smaller panel placed at the end of your shower to prevent excess spray making its way into your bathroom. Sometimes, this return panel will be hinged to allow for easier access into the shower. 

Now you know everything you need to know about shower enclosures, it's time to choose the perfect one for your home. At Tap Warehouse we have an excellent selection to suit any budget and style.

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