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Best Kitchen Mixer Taps 2023

Read our roundup of the best kitchen mixer taps, expertly chosen by our team. Includes a range of prices, styles and materials to suit every kitchen.

If you thought kitchen mixer taps couldn’t be exciting, then think again! Here’s our ultimate guide to the best kitchen mixer taps of 2023. 

Choosing the right tap for your kitchen can be overwhelming so our experts have done the research for you! Keep reading to find out which kitchen mixer taps we recommend for all budgets, styles and requirements.

Types of Kitchen Mixer Taps

A kitchen mixer tap is a stylish addition to any kitchen using a single spout to combine hot and cold water together. Temperature is controlled by either one or two levers depending on your preference. There’s so much choice when it comes to kitchen mixer taps that you can really compliment your design style or even make a statement. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern style, or something a little more high-tech, there’s definitely a tap to match. Our range features boiling water taps - perfect for that quick morning brew - and even filtered water taps for giving you pure, great-tasting drinking water every time. 

And if you thought you knew it all about taps - you’re wrong! Because the way you fit your taps can really add to your overall aesthetic - from wall mounted, to deck mounted and even swivel spout styles to choose from.

Ready to hear more? 

A kitchen mixer tap is a stylish addition to any kitchen whether you go for a modern or traditional option.

Benefits of Kitchen Mixer Taps

Let’s review just what’s great about this versatile kitchen essential. 

1. Easy to install and maintain

Kitchen mixer taps are generally easier to install and maintain as long as your plumbing is set up correctly. Read our handy guide on how to change a kitchen tap to help. 

2. More flexibility for water temperature and water pressure

As mixer taps combine hot and cold water flow, the temperature and pressure is easier to control. This means you can find your optimal temperature more efficiently.

3. Can save energy by reducing the amount of hot water used

When you choose to install a kitchen mixer tap, it will generally be fitted with a flow limiter. This will prevent too much water being taken from the hot and cold pipes, meaning you use less hot water overall. And helping you to minimise water wastage and save on energy bills!

4. Compact design requires less space than individual handles

Mixer taps are much sleeker and compact in design so can work just as well in smaller spaces, like open plan apartments, as well as larger kitchens. 

5. Prevents scalding or excessive temperature variation when the water is turned on

A mixer tap has one flow of water so the temperature is controlled before it comes out of the tap. When there are two flows of water the hot and cold water is mixed directly in the sink, basin or bath, so if not monitored closely the water could run too hot or cold.

6. Can be paired with a water filter to provide clean drinking water

It’s very easy to use a water filter with a kitchen mixer tap so you can have pure drinking water straight from the tap. Or you can choose to install a specialist filtered water tap. Find out more in our filtered water taps buying guide

7. Provides greater access to the sink for easier cleaning and food preparation

Convenience and style go hand in hand with a pull out kitchen tap. These handy taps feature a spiral cord attachment linking the faucet with the pipe so you have more access to clean the sink. They're also great for washing food during preparation.


Kitchen mixer taps are generally easier to install and maintain as long as your plumbing is set up correctly.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Kitchen Mixer Taps

Got a good idea of what you’re looking for? Here are our top 5 factors to consider when purchasing a kitchen mixer tap.

1. Design

Whether you want a traditional two-handle faucet or something more modern, it’s important to select a kitchen mixer tap that fits your existing décor. If you have a more traditional or country aesthetic, for example, you might want to choose a style from our traditional kitchen taps range. These tend to have two lever controls and come in a variety of finishes, from chrome to brushed brass and even antique copper. Whatever your style though, we have made it super simple to find one that suits you, just use the handy navigation menus on the left hand side of the category and product pages to navigate to the type of taps you prefer or view all our ranges in one place. 

2. Size and reach

Be sure to measure the area around your sink to determine what size and reach of faucet you need. This is especially important if you have a shallow basin or odd-shaped sink. All of our products feature a product description which will tell you the dimensions, flexibility and water pressure of individual taps. 

3. Installation

Many kitchen mixer taps come with a pre-drilled hole and easy to follow instructions to allow for easy installation. Check to make sure the faucet you are choosing can be installed into your existing setup, or if any additional supplies are needed.

Check out our guide on Choosing the right kitchen taps.

4. Material

Make sure to select a kitchen mixer tap that is made of a durable material that will hold up against daily use. We guarantee quality here at Tap Warehouse with all our styles constructed from hard wearing brassware or stainless steel with different coloured finishes to add style. Many will be PVD coated which helps to withstand surface damage and those unsightly tarnishes. You can find out this information in the detailed product descriptions available on our website. 

5. Warranty and after care

Make sure to research your options before making a purchase. All our brand partners and manufacturers offer a one year warranty as standard with some offering up to 5 years. You can find out this information within the product descriptions on site. 

The Best Mixer Taps for the Kitchen

We hope you’ve found this article useful in helping you decide which is the best kitchen mixer tap for you.

Don’t miss our recommended options below. Here’s a quick link. 

Best Budget Tap

Best for Traditional Kitchens

Best for Country Kitchens

Best for Iconic Design

Best Modern All Rounder

Best for Small Spaces

Best for Luxury

Our Favourite Mixer Taps for the Kitchen

So now you’re ready to make a choice on the kitchen mixer tap that works for you - here’s what our experts recommend! 

Best Budget Tap

Vellamo Savu Single Lever Mono Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap

This chrome finished contemporary mixer tap is a great solution for modern kitchens with a sleek design and added functionality. This stunning tap comes with a swivel spout and an extendable aerator which makes it a great budget option.

We love the polished chrome finish, easy to use single lever control and its ceramic disc technology, so no more annoying drips! This option also benefits from a lifetime guarantee too. 

Best for Traditional Kitchens

Butler & Rose Alba French Mono Kitchen Mixer - Antique Copper

Super stylish, this unusual design will look perfect in a more traditional space with a deeper inset sink, yet teamed with all the latest functionality to give you a convenient addition to your kitchen. 

We love that this tap is finished in an elegant antique copper which will certainly make a statement. This tap also features ceramic disc cartridges and a brass construction, making it super durable and efficient. 

Best for Country Kitchens

Tre Mercati French Classic Traditional Bridge Sink Mixer - Antique Brass

This tap is full of rustic charm making it the ideal match for any Farmhouse Country or French Country homes. We recommend combining it with one of our ceramic kitchen sinks to really nail this romantic style.  

We love the twin handles for independent hot and cold flow control, the antique brass finish and the stunning curved swivel spout for added design points. 

Best for Iconic Design

The Tap Factory Vibrance  Mono Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap

This deck mounted mixer tap has a modern design with 12 finish combinations making it easy to personalise your space. The compact design makes it a great space-saving option, too. 

We love its flexible spout with dual function spray to help with food prep and cleaning. Plus, the iconic single lever design with non drip technology. And of course the finish options are also a winner with us! What will you choose? 

Best Modern All Rounder

Vellamo Inspire Pull Out Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap - Brushed Brass

One of our best sellers, this tap is rated 4 / 5 by our customers and is perfect for the modern kitchen looking for a stylish and functional tap. Featuring a trendy brushed brass finish and aerated spray, it’s also got a pull out function for efficient cleaning. Plus, the single lever function makes it easy to find the perfect flow and temperature with one hand. 

We love that it’s made from stainless steel for maximum durability and at a great price making it one of the best kitchen mixer taps for modern spaces. 

Best for Small Spaces

The Tap Factory Vibrance 2 Brushed Gold Twin Lever Mono Kitchen Mixer with Coloured Handles

Need a modern tap that will work for small spaces or an open plan apartment? This is it. With a beautiful swan neck and twin handle design, it comes in a brushed gold finish for added glamour. 

We love that there are 5 handle colour options available so you can really add a splash of personality or match the rest of your home with ease. 

Best for Luxury

Crosswater Cucina Cook Dual Control Mono Kitchen Mixer with Flexi Spray - Matt Black

If you’re looking for the wow factor and a real splurge on luxury then this Crosswater dual control mixer tap with a flexible cord and pull out faucet is ideal. 

We love that it comes in a cool matt black finish which is exclusive to Tap Warehouse. What more style points do you need!?

Other Taps That We Love

Due to their functionality and variation of style, the modern mixer tap is a very popular choice for kitchens. But what if that style isn’t suited to you? There are other options such as pillar taps, which offer an elegant and statuesque appeal in the kitchen, and Bibcocks, which, when wall mounted, provide an unusual but quirky addition to your sink. 

We love the latest range of filtered water taps that we have on offer. Removing impurities such as lead, copper and aluminium but keeping all the best bits in your tap water! You really don't know the difference until you've tried it! 

Best Brand Kitchen Mixer Taps

We’re proud at Tap Warehouse to be able to supply our customers with the highest quality products from the very best brands. You can choose from the following brands who we feel have the best kitchen mixer taps on offer.

Butler & Rose 

Butler & Rose create elegant and timeless taps ideal for traditional spaces. The Butler & Rose range features our best selling tap here at Tap Warehouse with 5 star reviews from our customers. 


Our own brand of kitchen taps featuring a range of quality, value for money styles with savings of up to 70%. We have styles suited to both traditional and modern kitchens. Check out our Hanbury professional pull out spray tap - one of the site’s best sellers. 


Taps suited to most kitchen spaces can be found in our Clearwater range. From swan necks with swivel spouts to more traditional bridge mixers and all in a variety of finishes. 


The Rangemaster brand name has long been associated with quality and style so we’re proud to feature a range offering huge savings on the RRPs just for our customers. Featuring elegant bridge styles as well as single lever mono mixers and pull out spouts, the choices are endless. 


Now featuring the Cucina range of kitchen sink taps, an exquisite range of modern and traditional styles which showcases the brand’s innovation at its finest. You can also benefit from lengthy manufacturer guarantees with this brand. 


We really hope this article on the best kitchen mixer taps of 2023 has been useful for you and will help you to decide on the right choice for your space. Make sure to have a browse at our full range of Kitchen Taps. And remember, if you purchase from Tap Warehouse, we’ll offer you next day delivery on many items, free delivery over £250, 90 day returns and various payment options including Klarna to help spread the cost. 

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