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Wall Mounted Taps

When bathroom taps are mentioned, the first thing that pops into 99% of peoples head is normally a standard, run-of-the-mill deck mounted tap. Here at Tap Warehouse, we know we probably get a bit more excited over taps than most, but we think that every bathroom - whether it's a compact, traditional cloakroom, or a lavish contemporary masterpiece - should have taps that make it a special place. And nothing creates a finer look in your bathroom than a wall mounted basin or bath tap.

As well as creating a stunning focal point in your bathroom, wall mounted taps also help to keep your bathroom cleaner, and not just visually. With deck mounted taps, it's so easy for dirt and calcium deposits to build up on and around your bath ledge and basin, and unless you remove the taps completely when you're cleaning, there's always going to be an area that is just too hard to clean. With a wall mounted tap, there's nothing cluttering up the bath or basin ledge, and nowhere for the dirt to build up. So not only will your bathroom look cleaner from an artistic viewpoint, it'll also look cleaner from a hygienic viewpoint as well.

At Tap Warehouse, we have a fantastic variety of wall mounted bathroom taps, from waterfall basin and bath taps to bath shower mixers. We stock wall mounted taps from leading names like Crosswater and Vado, as well as our own Vellamo range which are not only pleasing on the eye, but pleasing on the wallet as well.

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