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Traditional Basin Taps

In today's hectic, modern world, there's very little room for sentiment. Just try finding a working telephone box or a shop that sells Betamax tapes. Once something is deemed obsolete, we're very quick to move on to the next thing. As a species we devour new technology avariciously. This is true for cars, television, phones and almost any industry that you can think of. One stalwart though (thankfully) is bathroom design.

If you have a period style bathroom, you could be forgiven for thinking that you'd been forgotten about, but alas, here at Tap Warehouse we're still thinking about you. We have a tremendous selection of traditional basin mixer taps, so you can upgrade your taps without having to upgrade your décor.

Our range of traditional basin taps may be old-fashioned in design, but they are modern in materials and build quality. At Tap Warehouse, we believe that things should last, so all of our traditional basin mixer taps come with lengthy manufacturer guarantees, and we only stock taps from suppliers and brands that we know and trust.

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