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Filtered Water Taps Buying Guide

Filtered water taps offer a hassle-free solution to perfectly filtered drinking water. These taps use advanced technology to provide pure water without pollutants, and are an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water.

We have a vast selection of filtered water taps from leading names in kitchen and filtered tap design such as Astracast and Grohe.

What are Filtered Water Taps?

Filter water taps create instant filtered cold water directly from your tap, with all impurities and bad tastes removed. They’re essentially bottled water on tap, and provide an easy way to filter your water at home without the need for a water filter jug.

Is Filtered Water Better than Tap Water?

The most common concern about tap water is that it can contain by-products from chlorine, including trihalomethanes (THM), which is a group of environmental pollutants. Water filter taps provide safe drinking water by removing impurities such as lead, copper and aluminium, whilst leaving in all the beneficial minerals.

These taps make everyday living that little bit easier and save you time and money as they remove the need of having to splash out on bottled water and filtered water jugs. 

How Do Filtered Water Taps Work?

Most taps have an activated carbon filter that removes the impurities from your domestic cold water, thereby improving the taste of the water that comes out of your tap. Carbon filters remove organic contaminants, herbicides and even pesticides that have found their way into the water supply.

Carbon filtering is very effective in removing chemical compounds from water, and the phosphate beads in the filtering system reduce scale from hard water, prolonging the life of your tap.

Best Filtered Water Taps

Here at Tap Warehouse, we have a broad range of filtered water taps to ensure that there’s an option for everyone. Here are some of our best-sellers:

Filtered Water Tap Design

There are plenty of different designs of tap for you to choose from, including modern filter taps with pull-out sprays, or more traditional swan-neck lever taps.

Modern Taps

Modern kitchens could benefit from more flashy finishes of tap such as brushed brass, copper and matt black. For tips on how to clean your special finish taps, check out our insightful guide on special finish aftercare

For added luxury, you can choose a 3-in-1 tap to access standard hot and cold water plus filtered cold water all from one tap. Pull-out spray taps will also make the chore of filling up pots, pans and bottles of water easy.

Blanco Filtered Water Tap

Traditional Taps

If you’re wanting to go down the timeless and traditional route, we have a selection of filtered taps with a more understated, classic feel such as chrome and stainless steel. These finishes are super versatile and will suit most kitchen schemes.

Traditional Filtered Water Tap

With competitive prices and a number of designs to choose from, you’d be missing a trick if you didn’t opt for a filtered water tap! Who can say no to fresh, clean, filtered water at the turn of a handle?

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