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Chrome Kitchen Taps

The vast array of chrome kitchen taps can be a little overwhelming at times as it is by far the most common and popular finish for kitchen taps. At Tap Warehouse, we have over 500 kitchen sink taps in all shapes and sizes, with all budgets in mind. There is everything from the humble swan neck kitchen mixer, right through to the stunning LED pull out spray taps that will make you see your kitchen in a whole new light.

If you want something a bit more unique, why not look at our brushed chrome taps. These have a slightly duller finish than the standard chrome finish, but in a modern kitchen, this can provide a stunning look. They are also less susceptible to fingerprints, so you won’t find yourself having to wipe the tap clean after every use to keep it looking stunning.

We stock taps from some of the biggest names in the business; names like Astracast, Rangemaster and Perrin & Rowe, and all with big discounts off the RRPs.

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