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Which Kitchen & Bathroom Investments Add the Most Value to Your Home?

The kitchen and bathroom are often the most desirable rooms for potential buyers, making them the top two spaces to add the most potential value to your property. So, if you’re planning on selling your home, it’s vital you make the right investments in these rooms to gain a bigger return. 

But, what features are more likely to add the most financial value? Tap Warehouse asked property experts across the UK to uncover which kitchen and bathroom features are the most desirable, making it easier to sell in the future. Using this insight, Tap Warehouse uncovered the most profitable bathroom and kitchen investments.

Renovating the Kitchen & Bathroom Can Increase the Average Property by Over £23k 

We solicited the help of British property experts to unveil how much value homeowners can add to their property by renovating their kitchen and bathroom. The research found that properties can boost their worth by 10%.

Considering the average house price in the UK is £274,712​, you could be increasing the worth of your home by a whopping £27,471. But, what elements will give you the biggest return on your investment?


The Top Kitchen Investments to Add Value to Your Home

Tap Warehouse consulted with property professionals to discover which elements in the kitchen are the most desirable for house hunters and could add the most value to your home. 

The experts cited these features as the most valuable: glass doors, durable worktops, breakfast bar, quality tiles, adequate lighting and modern storage units. 

Adding all these features, to your kitchen could cost £7,585, but is it worth it? The property experts revealed that a good quality kitchen - consisting of these aspects could add boost your house value by 5%. To put that in perspective, adding 5% to the average home will give you a huge £13,735, meaning you could gain a healthy £6,150 from this kitchen renovation.

A Kitchen Island and Modern Storage Units are The Most Desirable Features for Buyers

Kitchen islands have massively grown in popularity with Google Trends revealing a 50% increase for the search term ‘kitchen island’ in the past year. With this kitchen feature showing popularity, it’s no wonder that 77% of property experts claimed it to be the (joint) top profitable renovation to make in the kitchen. This addition can cost £3,400 less than its joint second counterpart: ‘modern and spacious storage units’ - proving you don’t have to spend a lot on renovations to increase your house value.  

Additionally, in (joint) top place, are ‘modern and spacious storage units.’ You can never have enough storage in a kitchen it seems, even if you’re not much of a cook.

69% of Property Experts Believe Glass Doors are a Profitable Investment

Another financial investment is bringing the outdoors indoors with 69% of experts citing glass doors to the garden as the third most profitable investment to make in the kitchen, with the average glass doors costing £3,000. 

However, if you don’t have the money, garden or space to invest in glass doors, you can still bring the outdoors in by investing in better quality lighting. Not only do 46% of property experts claim adequate lighting is a financial investment, but it only costs £100 - a whole £2,900 cheaper than the glass doors.

46% of Property Professionals Stated This Basic Investment Can Increase Your House Value

Almost half (46%) of estate agents state that good quality tiles and grouting in the kitchen can boost house value. It would take about two hours to re-apply grout to the average kitchen splashback, costing £50 professionally or just £13.40 to do-it-yourself. Another simple investment that can give you a big return, is durable and modern worktops - costing just £250 for a professional to supply and install them.


The Top Bathroom Investments to Add Value to Your Home

Tap Warehouse’s research found that the average home can add 5% to the property value (amounting to £11,647) by renovating their bathroom. 

But, how can you achieve this? Property professionals stated that: good quality tiles, power showers, bathtubs, walk-in showers, a neutral colour scheme, underfloor heating, and sturdy fixtures are the most desirable and valuable bathroom aspects.

Adding these items to your bathroom could cost you £9,694, however, chances are you already have some of these features. A massive proportion of homes will currently have a bathtub and/or a power shower, so you could already be on your way to achieving a huge financial gain from your bathroom. 

77% of Property Experts Crowned Good Tiles & Grouting as The Most Popular Bathroom Investment 

As cited by property experts, the most popular bathroom investment are ‘good quality tiles and grouting’, with over 3/4 (77%) of professionals choosing this feature. This feature was also a big contender for adding value to a kitchen, which means you could save money by getting the bathroom and kitchen tiled and grouted at the same time.   

While this may seem like quite a simple feature, it’s surprising how much high-quality tiles and grout can change the room. It’s worth replacing broken tiles and re-grouting for a sleek finish, and it may even save you money in the long run. Good quality grout can prevent many problems such as dirt and cracks which can lead to having to strip tiles. If you’re not sure when it’s best to re-grout: try a good scrub, and if that can’t get rid of the dirt, then it may be time to make the investment.

62% of Property Experts Believe Bathtubs & Power Showers are the Second Most Profitable Feature

Having a bathtub and an electric or power shower is jointly awarded the second most profitable bathroom feature for homeowners, according to nearly 2/3 (62%) of property professionals. 

It’s more than ideal to have both, however, if you’re wanting more space, it’s best to consider who is likely to buy your property in the future. If you live near schools, it’s probable your house will attract family buyers wanting a child-friendly bathroom.

Simple vs. Luxury: A Neutral Colour Scheme, Sturdy Fixtures and Underfloor Heating Take Joint Third Place

31% of property professionals voted for a neutral colour scheme, which could be a quick-win to add money to your home with just a lick of paint. There are many easy and inexpensive ways to transform your bathroom into a neutral space, which can even make your bathroom feel bigger. For instance, medium-sized neutral tiles can make a small bathroom feel spacious, as well as layering white floor and wall tiles for a roomy feel. 

Another simple way to add value to your bathroom is ensuring you have sturdy fixtures, so new taps or changing the washer on your current taps. 31% of property professionals noted that this can add value to your bathroom, and it could cost just £100 for a professional to replace taps. Chrome taps are a good idea as these fit with a neutral colour scheme, and they’re often the most popular choice of colour. 

Taking joint place is underfloor heating with 31% of votes. This treatment can certainly add to the costs of your renovation, however, if you’re planning on staying in your home for a while it’s definitely one to consider. This type of heating is often a more cost-effective and efficient way to heat up your home, not only that, it will make your home feel luxurious and desirable.


According to Tom Drake, DIY Specialist at Tap Warehouse:

"77% of property professionals place ‘good quality tiles and grouting’ as the most desirable feature for potential buyers, so this is an obvious place to start and something many people can tackle themselves. Give your tiles a good scrub to check their current condition, often with a good clean even the dirtiest of tiles can be bought back to life. If your grout and sealant appears dirty, this can often be replaced without needing to buy a whole new set of tiles.

Although having a shower and bathtub in your bathroom is ideal, this isn't always possible due to budget and space considerations. As a result we'd always recommend thinking about the people who will buy your home and tailoring your choices accordingly."


What’s the Ideal Bathroom to Bedroom Ratio When Selling a Home?

There’s the age-old question: can adding an extra bathroom boost the value of your house? Luckily, we have the answer after questioning estate agents and property professionals about the perfect bathroom to bedroom ratio. 

They revealed that: 

  • One-bedroom and two-bedroom houses should have one bathroom.
  • Three-bedroom and four-bedroom houses should have two bathrooms.
  • Five-bedroom houses should have three bathrooms.

So, there you have it, one-bed and two-bed houses don’t necessarily need an extra bathroom, as the space in these properties are more valuable. However, adding another bathroom in a house with more than two bedrooms could boost the property’s worth.

Revealed: Four Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen & Bathroom

While renovating a kitchen or bathroom can certainly be expensive, there are small ways to enhance these spaces if you’re hoping to sell your property in the near future:

  1. Re-grout or clean the grout on your tiles, this can easily freshen up your property without adding too much expense.
  2. Appeal to a wide audience by changing the colour schemes of your bathroom and kitchen to neutral. This can be simply done by repainting or updating the accessories. 
  3. Taps are easy to replace and can be a cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen & bathroom. 
  4. Although adding units to a kitchen can be costly you can create more storage by adding shelves or purchasing standalone units.


According to Tom Drake, DIY Specialist at Tap Warehouse:

"Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most expensive rooms to renovate, so poor quality in either of these is likely to give buyers the perception they'll need to invest a lot of money on renovations.

However, if you make the investments yourself before you place your home on the market, you’re more likely to increase your profit. After consulting with property professionals, we uncovered that investing into the kitchen and bathroom can increase the average house value by 10% (£27,471).”

In our experience it's often the smallest details that can dramatically improve the perception of a home. Simply installing a new tap or a modern shower can completely transform an entire room."


So, even if you can’t spend a lot on improvements, just adding small enhancements will prove to add worth to your home. But, if you’re stumped for ideas of ways to vamp up your bathroom, or unsure of the latest trends, check out our guide on the latest bathroom ideas for 2023.

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