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Water Saving Shower Heads

The average UK citizen uses an average of 150 litres of water a day and demand for water is growing at 1% a year. It's your daily bath & shower which have the highest water consumption of all. As a result, this is one area you should look at if you want to try and save water.

One simple way to save water is switching some of your baths to showers. Although a bath can be incredibly relaxing and stress relieving, it will often use a lot more water and energy than a shower. Even though showers can save water, you can still go further by purchasing a water saving shower head.

How Do Water Saving Shower Heads Work?

Water saving shower heads will reduce the amount of water you use in the shower by either regulating the flow or aerating the water. This will allow you to reduce the water coming out of your shower head by up to 50% whilst still having a pleasant shower experience.  There are a few different ways your shower head can help you save water.

Aerator Shower Heads

Aerated shower heads blend water with air to create larger droplets of water. This gives the appearance and feeling of more water than there really is. As a result, you are left with a shower head that produces the same luxury experience whilst using up to 50% less water. The infusion of air and water in these showers will make you wonder why you ever needed a 'power shower!'

Flow Regulators

Another easy way to save water is installing a flow regulator to your shower head. Flow regulators are designed to limit the amount of water you use by reducing the water output of your shower head.

If the water in your home is running at a high pressure, this will often mean you are using more water than you need every time you shower, which will simply be wasted down the drain. Installing a flow regulator will ensure your shower only uses the necessary amount of water, reducing consumption and helping you lower your water bills!

The Crosswater Neoperl flow regulator is suitable for hand showers and fixed shower heads in homes with a minimum water pressure above 1 bar. It is available in versions which will limit output to 6 or 8 litres and is easily installed. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways you can save water every time you shower.

Adjustable Shower Heads

Adjustable shower heads allow you to have different shower experiences, including more powerful showers, without using any extra water. Many adjustable shower heads will have a setting that will force the water through a smaller number of holes, allowing you to enjoy a strong shower flow without using any extra water (think about the increase in pressure when putting your finger over the end of your garden hose).

Although these shower heads aren't necessarily water saving, they will allow you to experience a stronger flow without the increased water consumption which usually comes with powerful showers.

Other Ways To Save Water In The Shower

Aside from purchasing a water saving shower head, there are other ways you can easily save water every time you shower! The below options are easy to implement and will help you do your bit to conserve water!

Keep Your Shower Head Clean

Particularly if you live in a hard water area, your shower head can become clogged up with mineral deposits over time. This can cause the nozzles to shoot water in all directions or may simply block them up all together. This will reduce the performance of your shower head, meaning you need to turn the power up on your shower to get the same performance, wasting water. Keeping your shower head clean will ensure you are getting the best flow possible, which will reduce wastage - take a look at our guide for how to clean a shower head.

Use Shower Eco Settings

Many shower valves will have settings which allow you to run your shower at a lower rate. If you have enough water pressure in your home, running your shower at a lower pressure than the maximum can be an easy way to save water.

Time Your Showers

The longer you spend in the shower, the more water you will use, so why not set yourself a timer to help limit your water consumption? You can install a Bluetooth mirror and limit your shower to the length of your favourite song!

Fix Drips

A dripping shower will waste water even when you're not using it, so make sure you repair any leaks as soon as you can.

It's never been more important to save water in the home, and we hope this guide has shed some light on how you can do this easily. To ensure that your shower isn't leaking, check out our handy guide to identify why your shower may be leaking and how to solve it.

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