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Bluetooth™ Bathroom Mirrors

What better way is there to relax of an evening than in a nice, soapy bubble bath? Everyone has their own preferred way to enjoy theirs; some like reading a book; some like relaxing and doing absolutely nothing; and some enjoy listening to some relaxing music or an audiobook. That last one, however, can cause a problem, and many of us know all too well the dangers of taking a phone into the bathroom. Even if you don’t have your phone in your hand whilst you’re in the bath - thereby eliminating the chance of you dropping it in the tub - there’s still the chance of damaging it thanks to the condensation build up in a hot bathroom.

Fortunately then, there is a way to listen to your music or audiobook without needing your phone with you in the bathroom - the Bluetooth™ bathroom mirror. Bluetooth™ mirrors enable you to have your phone in a completely different room whilst the sound is played out of speakers in the mirror. Simply ‘pair’ the two before the first use and your Bluetooth™ mirror will remember your phone next time you use it, so you simply have to select your music and away you go.

Here at Tap Warehouse, our selection of Bluetooth™ bathroom mirrors are not just Bluetooth™ enabled. They are all fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting, and many have heated demister pads to keep your mirror steam free. Some even have shaver sockets. Who knew a mirror could be so full of technology? Our Bluetooth™ bathroom mirrors all come with lengthy guarantees and big savings off the RRPs, plus, you get free mainland UK delivery when you spend over £250.

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