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Demister Bathroom Mirrors

Most people like a nice hot shower or bath, especially on a cold, wet day, but that usually results in a steamy bathroom mirror. So how do you overcome this? One way would be to have a very brief shower. Another would be to have a cold one. But what if (quite rightly) these options don't appeal to you?

A heated demister bathroom mirror is the answer. They overcome the condensation problem by gently warming the mirror to just above room temperature, and in doing so, this keeps the mirror free from fog and steam. The first time I saw a demister mirror in action was in a hotel in Japan and I'm not sure what impressed me more, the toilets that are so complex that they have their own remote control, or these mirrors.

Many of our demister bathroom mirrors also come festooned with other top features, such as LED lights, infra-red sensors and integrated shaver sockets. What's more, these steam-free demister mirrors don't have to cost a fortune, and we've got a wide range of sizes and styles to pick from.

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