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Bathroom Mirror Types

The finishing touches are what make a bathroom, so it is vital that you choose the correct type of bathroom mirror to suit your space. A well-placed bathroom mirror will add style and class to your design, as well as opening up what space you have to offer. We have put together a few ideas to help you choose the right option to complete your bathroom scheme.

Why is it a Good Idea to Add a Mirror to Your Bathroom?

Mirrors are a great way to make your bathroom space feel more open and airy, and give the illusion of a larger room by bouncing light around. Mirrors aren't what they used to be; many have a smart 2 in 1 aspect, whether that's providing illumination, having a Bluetooth speaker, or a built in shaver socket. Small bathrooms often lack natural light, so large mirrors are a useful hack to brighten up the space in a bathroom or cloakroom.

Sick of Steamed up Mirrors?

A demisting mirror is carefully designed to repel condensation and retain clarity, so that you can use your mirror even in damp environments. These types of mirrors are ideal for wet rooms, changing rooms and locker rooms. These clever mirrors also look great, so you can blend function with style and enjoy use of your mirror whenever you need it. Many of our mirrors come with this fabulous demister function; take a look at some of our bestsellers below. 

Illuminated Mirrors

A great way to bring light into the bathroom, and to get a clearer reflection, is to choose a backlit, fluorescent, or LED mirror. Not only does the the mirror add a modern feature to your bathroom, you'll also have the illumination necessary for close shaving, applying makeup and other bathroom tasks.

Harbour Glow Round LED Bathroom Mirror with Demister Pad

This mirror is one of our bestselling illuminated mirrors, thanks to its modern and elegant finish and vibrancy. Round mirrors have the ability to soften any hard lines in your bathroom, allowing for a more calming and open space. This stunning illuminated mirror boasts an easy touch sensor, heated demister pad and with the option to switch between warm white and bright white.


Round Illuminated Mirror

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors are the ideal tool for close-up personal grooming such as shaving and applying makeup as they give a much clearer reflection. They are also extremely useful for making the most of a small bathroom's available space. Magnifying mirrors are versatile in the way they can make a large room look cosier and more intimate, but also project light across a small, dark room which creates the illusion of space. Have a peek at our top picks below.

Smart Bluetooth Mirrors

Why not take your bathroom design a step further and invest in the luxury of a Bluetoothmirror? Enjoy your favourite songs or podcast whilst your phone is safely dry in another room! Have a look at a few of our customer favourites below and shop the full range of Bluetooth bathroom mirrors right here to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Illuminated Mirrored Cabinets

Functionality and storage are the main selling points of an illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinet. Take your bathroom design one step further with a cabinet that not only provides storage space for those bathroom essentials, but also bright illumination for getting ready in the morning, or winding down in the evening.

However you've designed your bathroom, a mirror is a vital inclusion and should be considered not only in terms of function, but as a style element too. Take a look at our blog on how to choose the perfect bathroom mirror cabinet for further interior inspiration.

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