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The Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Bathroom mirror cabinets are the perfect bathroom accessory to provide extra storage space for your essential toiletries, whilst also adding a modern design aspect to your space. Here we go through the different types of bathroom mirror cabinets, from illuminated cabinets, to those with built in shaving sockets & demister pads.

What's the Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinet?

The best mirror cabinets are those that take up little space but also providing ample storage for your toiletries. Cabinets with illumination are the most popular choice as it makes completing those self care routines a little bit easier, and they provide the right lighting for all times of day. Let's go through the different materials for mirror cabinets and zoom in on some special features that will jazz up your cabinet even further.

Wooden Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

With finishes such as dark olive, oak and walnut, there are an array of wooden bathroom mirror cabinets to suit varying types of bathroom design. The modern wooden bathroom mirror cabinet is superbly versatile - it can be the shabby chic statement amidst a modern bathroom. On top of the aesthetic, many of our mirrored bathroom cabinets have LED lighting to provide that extra sparkle to your bathroom. Why not take a look at our full range of wooden bathroom mirror cabinets here?

Aluminium Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Aluminium bathroom mirror cabinets are great for giving your bathroom a luxurious, modern and understated look. If you are choosing to follow a minimalist bathroom aesthetic then an aluminium cabinet may well be your best bet. Take a quick peek at some of our favourites below, and shop our full range of aluminium mirrored cabinets here.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Features

Now we have touched upon some of the main materials and colours that make a bathroom mirror cabinet stand out, it’s time to see what features these items boast.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

You may not think you would ever need one but when you use one, you’ll find it hard to go back! The illuminated or backlit bathroom mirror cabinet has risen in popularity in recent years and is the best, practical option for a family bathroom, or a more minimalist cloakroom. Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets are extremely versatile and add some truly wonderful contemporary looks to any home - you can find all of our illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets here.

Non-Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Our non-illuminated cabinets are perfect for those who prefer an understated look, but still desire that all the qualities of a mirror plus extra storage. If your bathroom is lucky enough to be flooded with natural light, the brightness of an illuminated mirror might not be necessary, so this could be the perfect option for you. We have a range of single or double door cabinets, plus mirror cabinets (see below) which is a great choice for when maximising storage potential within a small space.

Corner Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Instead of a standard flat wall-mounted bathroom mirror cabinet, you can also opt for a corner cabinet unit to really make the most of your bathroom space. Trying to fit in storage in a bathroom where you've got some awkward spaces can be a total nightmare, but with a super stylish corner bathroom mirror cabinet, this problem is solved. These corner cabinets are perfect for small, shadowy bathrooms as any available light can be bounced around the room which helps to minimise those dark, shadowed corners. Take your pick from the Drench stainless steel mirrored cabinet or the Vellamo Apline corner mirror cabinet.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets with Demister Pads

Bathrooms are damp places and steamed mirrors are a common problem, one that can make our morning routine longer than it needs to be! For that reason, bathroom mirror cabinets with demister pads are one of the biggest features in home bathroom innovation right now. We have many cabinets here at Tap Warehouse with this popular feature and and these are three of our favourites:

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets with Shaver Sockets

Gone are the days of wiring a shaver socket into your bathroom wall – now simply acquire a high-tech bathroom mirror cabinet with shaver socket. Why settle for any less than the best with your bathroom design? We certainly wouldn't expect you to, which is why we stock a vast array of mirrored cabinets with shaver sockets.

Decision Time

We hope this selection of our bet selling bathroom mirrored cabinets has given you a better idea of what you're looking for. We’re sure you’ll make a fantastic choice, but you can always reach out to our friendly team for aesthetic or technical advice. If you want to find out more about bathroom mirrors, you can read all about them in our blog: bathroom mirror types.

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