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LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED mirrors are fast becoming an essential focal point in any modern bathroom. Both mirrors and lighting play an important role in creating a feeling of space in what is often the smallest room in the home, so combining them together is a sensible choice.

Whilst it's still possible to buy mirrors with traditional fluorescent tube lighting, they are understandably a dying breed. LED lighting is quite simply better. It's more energy-efficient and therefore cheaper; it's also much more flexible. You no longer have to make do with just a tube of light as LEDs can be placed anywhere a mirror designer wants. This creates some fabulous designs like the Phoenix Infiniti mirror. Finally, LED lights last considerably longer than anything previous (20,000 hours on average), so it's very unlikely that you'll ever need to change one of the lights.

Our range of LED bathroom mirrors come complete with many top designer features, such as infra-red sensors to turn them on and off, ambient lighting to cast softer light above and around the mirror, heated demister pads to keep them steam-free, and even clocks and FM radios. If you're still not sure which one is right for you, be sure to check out our LED bathroom mirrors blog where we'll look at each type of LED mirror in more detail.

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