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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is a focal point of any home - it's where people meet to catch up, cook together and eat together so it’s important that it’s inviting and welcoming. Here are some of our tips on designing a small kitchen and the little things you can do to make them appear larger, from storage hacks, to colour choices and space-saving products.


Focus on the Essentials

Bright Colours

Savvy Storage

Space Saving Sinks

Multifunctional Taps

Clever Lighting


Focus on the Essentials

One of the best ways to save space in the kitchen is to take everything back to basics. Ensure that you plan the space out well when designing or furnishing a kitchen, so that you have an idea of how much, or how little, space you have to play with. If appliances can be stored in cupboards, such as food processors, slow cookers and blenders, you should place them tucked away. 

Use Bright Colours

The best colours to use for small kitchens are light, vibrant tones that will easily bounce any available light which will create vibrancy, making your kitchen appear larger. Colours and textures such as white, grey, blue and marble are popular in kitchens, along with chrome and brushed brass assets to add a sheen finish.

Invisible kitchens are a modern design trend for 2023, and can be created by cutting the clutter and having  cupboards that blend into the walls behind them. This creates a 'barely-there' aesthetic. You can easily set up your own invisible kitchen design by covering appliances such as sinks and hobs with sliding covers to give a more streamlined finish. We also recommend that you use decorative objects in your kitchen that you would see around the rest of your home too, such as vases, mirrors and plants. This will help the kitchen blend more nicely into the other rooms of your home and create an inviting space.

Bright Kitchen

Savvy Storage

It's good practice to use the whole height of your kitchen when space is limited, and investing in tall storage units is a great way to providing more space for kitchen essentials. Top tip: leave a gap between the unit and the ceiling to give the illusion of a larger space. Wall storage such as rails to hang utensils and floating shelves will add definition and height to small and narrow kitchens, and are a great opportunity to showcase accessories such as cookery books, plants and utensils.

In small kitchens, it's essential to make use of the depth of your cupboards, so internal storage solutions such as tiered shelves can be utilised, along with folding and pull-out surfaces, which are a great way to bring forth space for kitchen tasks and food preparation. Take a look at the Blanco Unit to introduce some smart cupboard organisation - with their handy waste management system, bins and recycling can be kept out of sight without taking up valuable floor space.

Small Kitchen Storage

Space Saving Sinks

The best sinks for small kitchens include compact and undermount options which can slot into your worktop easily, giving a sleek look and making cleaning up easy. Single bowl or 1.5 sized bowls are ideal for kitchens with a limited layout but generous countertop space, and provide ample space for washing up if you have no space for a dishwasher.

Many modern sinks now have compatible accessories such as chopping boards, drying racks and colanders to create an adaptable work station. Products such as Blanco’s multi-level Etagon sinks combine all the functions of a sink with an organisational system that will make many tasks easier and save a multitude of worktop space. This is a smart and efficient solution to saving space in small kitchens, with a smart modern design that is so much more than just a sink.

Space Saving Sink

Multifunctional Taps

Another great way to save worktop space is to invest in a 3-in-1 tap to deliver cold, warm, boiling and filtered water at the touch of a button. This appliance removes the need for a separate kettle or water filter jug, thus decluttering work surfaces even further.

With instant boiling water, it couldn’t be easier to make hot drinks, or fill up pots and pans ready to be boiled. Many taps, including the Blanco Evol-S Pro Hot & Filter have a measuring dial so you can choose exactly how much water you need to dispense, cleverly cutting wastage.

Boiling Water Tap

Clever Lighting

Spotlights are recommended for small kitchens to increase vibrancy and brightness, and these are far less protruding than lamp shades and statement light fittings. Recessed spotlights under cupboards will also prevent dark, shadowed areas, opening up the space and providing better lighting for cooking and cleaning. You should also incorporate glossy surfaces such as worktops, cupboard doors and taps, as these will reflect the light around the room and offer a more sleek and smart finish.

Small Kitchen Lighting

One of the positives of small kitchens is that everything is in reach! This is why it’s crucial to focus on the essentials and invest in clever storage to prevent your kitchen from getting cluttered. Take a look at our range of Blanco products to find your perfect sink, tap & accessories for your small kitchen. 

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