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Grey Bathroom Ideas

Grey is a popular colour for bathrooms as it provides an earthy, natural base which can be easily layered with other colours, textures and accessories. It’s crucial to avoid a washed-out aesthetic with grey tones, so we have some top tips to help you incorporate grey into your bathroom effectively, along with advice on pairing grey with other colours. 

Grey Bathroom Tile Ideas

Grey bathroom tiles are a solid choice for an array of bathroom designs, and come in plenty of different sizes, shapes and designs. From intricate herringbone wall tiles to to large grey floor tiles, grey is a great option for small and large bathrooms. Here are some of our top grey tile ideas.

Feature Wall

Feature walls are a popular bathroom trend for 2022 and are a great way of adding character and style to your bathroom. Feature tiled walls are popular behind showers and vanity units and provide a great contrast against neutral colours and features. Feature walls can be created with tiles, paint or wallpaper and sometimes all you need is just one wall to create depth and definition in your bathroom.

If you don't want to tile a whole wall, a half-tiled wall or splashback is enough to incorporate grey into your bathroom in a more understated way.

Grey Herringbone Tiles

Herringbone tiles are great for adding a modern touch into bathrooms that are in need a little jazzing up. These tiles are an alternative to your standard square tiles and offer the perfect level of detail for bathroom walls and floors. Check out the image below for a lovely example of how herringbone tiles can become a feature wall for a walk in shower.

Contrast with Marble

Marble offers a sleek, contemporary style to bathrooms and has been a popular finish for kitchens and bathrooms alike for years. One of the best colours to contrast marble with is grey, as it brings out the timeless beauty of marble without overpowering it.

Marble is a great option for modern bathrooms and wet rooms and it offers something a little different to a solid block coloured tile. It also looks great against white sanitaryware and chrome tapware or heated towel rails

Floor Tiles

Grey floor tiles are a popular choice for many modern and traditional bathrooms. The key to designing a grey bathroom is using an array of textures, tones and colours throughout the space and avoid blocks of the exact same colour as this can make a space look smaller and darker.

If you’re opting for dark grey floor tiles, ensure that the walls and accessories are a lighter shade in order to have that contrast and character. Wet rooms 

Concrete Grey

For wonderful earthy tones, try incorporating concrete grey into your bathroom through furniture, wall colours and accessories. 

Concrete Furniture

Concrete is a contemporary finish that is making waves in the world of bathroom design, and is a trend to watch in 2022. Concrete adds a touch of modern glam to bathroom designs and is a great alternative to black, white and wooden furniture. From vanity units to storage units and shelves, there are many ways you can add concrete into your space. 

Concrete Walls

For a rustic effect, try out concrete grey walls to create the perfect industrial touch to your bathroom decor. There are a multitude of paint colour options from brands such as Dulux that mimic the textural effect of concrete and offer something slightly new and different to bathroom design. Concrete complements whites, blacks and darker shades of grey.

Pink and Grey

Pink and grey is a classic combination for home decor and offers a lighthearted touch to standard grey bathrooms. The solidarity of grey balances the playful pink, creating a great colour contrast that’ll bring life into your bathroom. Whether you have grey tiles and pink accessories, or pink tiles and grey accessories, the combination will lift the grey and create a bathroom your guests will be envious of!

What Colour Goes Best with Grey in the Bathroom?

Grey is a classic colour that fits within most colour schemes, but it’s important to contrast grey with other tones. The colours that go best with grey in the bathroom are white, black and pink, and it also looks great with matt black and brass tapware. Here are our favourite colour combinations.

Grey & White

Grey and white works well in contemporary and traditional bathrooms and is an extremely versatile colour combination. If you're looking at creating a neutral and understated look, grey and white together offer a calm and serene feel. White is essential to incorporate into grey bathrooms in order to create a vibrancy and brightness to a space that may be lacking it, especially those with grey tiles and furniture.

Grey and Gold

For a decadent luxury, why not incorporate grey and gold into your bathroom?! Brushed brass is a versatile finish for taps, showers and accessories as it pairs beautifully with an array of bathroom colours such as black, pink and grey. Light and concrete grey work well with gold and brass finishes but darker greys can also work. Try out this combination to achieve a warm and soft bathroom decor.

Grey and Black 

Dark bathrooms offer a deep and luxurious ambience that creates a deluxe feel to bathrooms. Matt black features such as basin taps and shower kits offer a richness to grey tiles and textures which provides a dramatic feel that you wouldn’t achieve with lighter colours. It’s important that a grey and black bathroom design doesn’t appear too shaded and dingy, so use a combination of light sources and large mirrors to reflect any available light.

We hope these grey bathroom ideas have given some inspiration to help you create your dream space! Check out our interior inspiration hub for more design guides, including our piece on grey kitchen ideas.

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