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Bathroom Tile Ideas

If you're struggling for bathroom tile ideas, we've got you covered! Updating your bathroom tiles is a great way to give your bathroom a refresh without breaking the bank, and to increase its value. Customising your tiles will give you the opportunity to be creative and add more character and charm to your space. 

What’s On-Trend in Bathroom Tiles?

The most popular tile colours for bathrooms include neutral colours, shades of pink and blues. Natural coloured tiles are perfect for bathrooms to give a relaxed, spa-like ambiance - bathrooms are a space of relaxation and this should be reflected with bathroom tile colours!

Half Wall Tiles

Tiling halfway up your wall can help to give your bathroom more character and gives the opportunity to go bold with your bathroom tiles, without the result being too overwhelming or overpowering. Half wall tiles can also help to make small bathrooms appear larger as the contrast between two colours gives the bathroom more depth.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo has been making waves in the world of bathroom tile ideas, increasing in popularity in recent years. Terrazzo tiles give off a minimalist, chic look and is one of the most durable flooring materials available today. Terrazzo tiles pair beautifully with light wood vanity units, matt black assets and white sanitaryware, adding a touch of glamour into your bathroom style with its versatility.

Tiled sink splashbacks can also add a decorative element to your bathroom without the tiles taking over the whole room, and will also protect the wall behind your vanity unit, being easier to clean than paint and wallpaper.

What Colour Tiles are Best for the Bathroom?

Blue and pink tiles are popular colours for bathroom tiles as they’re playful and have a calming, natural effect. Neutral colours like beige and off whites are also popular bathroom tile options for 2021. Neutral colour palettes and shades of nature, such as sage green, are great mellow options for minimalist bathrooms, and are easy to build upon with accessories and plants.

Bathroom Wall Tiles Ideas

Bathroom wall tiles are a place to experiment with your design and add character into you bathroom. We have some great bathroom wall tile ideas in this section, to give your bathroom the style you want without the tiles taking over the room!

Feature Walls 

Similar to half-wall tiles, feature tile walls are a great solution for not overwhelming your whole bathroom with bold bathroom tiles. Feature walls are also great to highlight gorgeous walk in showers or to give a beautiful backdrop to freestanding baths. Avoid going for tiles that will make you feel dizzy, and instead go for a muted tone that will complement your floor tiles and the rest of your bathroom design. 

Patterned Tiles

Lily pad tiles and scintilla tiles are popular choices for tiles in 2021, with their geometric, statement-making effect. Consider a bright patterned tile feature wall to draw attention to your bath or shower area, and add a fun element to your bathroom design. 

Modern Mosaic

Mosaic tiles are perfect for creating a minimalist, luxurious look to your bathroom. Mosaic tiles can vary from large to intricate tiles in various different colours and shades, and are perfect for adding a little touch of detail to your bathroom that can easily be built upon.

Blue mosaic bathroom tiles

Style Out Metro for the Bathroom

Inspired by the look of the London Underground, metro tiles give the perfect timeless monochrome look, touching on industrial style which looks great with black and metal fittings. Consider metro tiles for a traditional bathroom look, one that's super easy to jazz up or jazz down if you want to avoid a busy effect. White is deemed the most popular bathroom colour as it gives a clean, natural look and is the perfect option to create blank canvas to build upon with pops of colour or accessories. 

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Here's a selection of our favourite bathroom floor tile ideas , because why should bathroom tiles solely be focussed on walls?!

Feature Floors 

Feature floor tiles are a great way to make a statement in your bathroom. Ceramic tiles are best for bathroom floors as they're easy to maintain and are also water resistant, and we love the floor tiles featured here! This goes to show that patterned floor tiles can add a sense of depth to your bathroom and add a fun element to the design.

Neutral Tiles

These neutral coloured floor tiles featured here give an airy and open feeling, which perfectly complements the white sanitaryware, matt black tap and vanity unit.  Vinyl tiles are the most popular bathroom floor material as they're cost effective, practical and durable. 

Terracotta Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles can also make a statement, such as these gorgeous deep terracotta hexagonal tiles. This feature floor has the perfect contrast with the freestanding bath, minimalist accessories and greenery, and is a popular bathroom tile colour for 2021. The colour and texture of these tiles gives off a feeling of luxury and the sense of being abroad, which is a great style to recreate in your own home.

Small Bathroom Tiles

Small bathrooms can be difficult to style as you want to make the most of your space and not go too extravagant with tile options. Tile ideas for small bathrooms include lighter colours such as whites and greys, as they can make your bathroom appear bigger by reflecting the natural light around the room more so than darker colours could. 

Scallop Tiles

If you're looking to create a statement in your small bathroom without going overboard, scallop tiles may be the perfect option. Scallop tiles, or penny tiles as they're otherwise known, give a fun, fresh angle to bathrooms and we adore the different tones of these tiles in this feature wall above. Scallop tiles are great for creating a statement with their intricacy, and creating a minimalist 'barely there' appeal.

Large, Neutral Tiles

Small bathrooms can also benefit from larger tiles as they can open up the space in you bathroom and give clean lines; they're also easier to maintain as have less grout lines! Try opting for the same tone of tile for your floors and walls to give a seamless look to your small bathroom and make the space feel open and inviting.

Large bathroom tiles

We hope this selection of bathroom tiles ideas has inspired you to make a statement in your space and show what colour tiles are best for the bathroom. Bathrooms are very personal, and there are a multitude of ways to style your bathroom, from mellow spa bathrooms, to inviting, playful bathrooms. The possibilities are endless! Check out our guide on how to paint tiles if you're going for a DIY approach and want to customise your tiles further.

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