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Grey Kitchen Ideas

Grey is becoming an increasingly popular colour choice for interiors across the UK and for good reason. If you want to create a modern, neutral space with a relaxing atmosphere, grey is ideal. However, as with many design trends, it's not easy to get it right. In this guide we outline how you can best utilise grey in your kitchen and give you some of our top design tips.

Choose Your Tone Carefully

When adding grey to your kitchen, it’s important to think about how dark it will be. Although there are lighter and darker shades, overall it’s a colour that when used too much, can make a room feel cold and uninviting. 


Grey And Wood

Grey interiors can sometimes be slightly harsh and industrial looking, so adding some organic textures is important. Fitting your kitchen with some light wood flooring or units can help break up the grey, giving your space a more natural touch which will help it feel more inviting.


Natural Light

As grey kitchens can suffer with being quite dark and gloomy, it’s important to allow as much natural light in as possible. Whether that means installing a sky-light or reconfiguring the layout to fit larger windows, the sunlight will help brighten up those darker areas of the kitchen.


Mix In Bright Colours 

One way to add your own twist to a grey kitchen is including another bold colour. This is a great way to help your kitchen stand out from the crowd whilst still keeping the minimalist, modern look grey will give you. As grey is a neutral colour, a wide variety of different colours will look great alongside it.

grey and red kitchen#

Different Shades of Grey

One way to shake up grey kitchen decor whilst keeping it modern is to use different shades of grey. This can help break up the look of different sections of your kitchen to prevent it looking too dull. We love the look of the lighter wall contrasting with the darker shelves and units in this kitchen.

grey kitchen with different shades of grey


As we’ve previously mentioned, grey kitchens can suffer from looking slightly lifeless and cold. Alongside adding some wood furniture or flooring, using plants is a great way to add an organic touch and some colour to your grey kitchen. Plus, plants can have a whole host of positive benefits on your mental health and can even improve the air quality of the room.

Plants are also relatively inexpensive, so if you feel your grey kitchen is lacking some colour, take a look at our guide and pick out some plants to brighten up your kitchen.


White Kitchen Cabinets

When designing your kitchen, planning out the colours at different levels can have a surprisingly big impact on the look and feel. We’ve previously mentioned in our industrial kitchens article that open shelving above your kitchen worktops can help the room appear larger, the same is also true for using lighter colours for higher kitchen units. In the kitchen below, white units have been used above the grey. This helps the white units blend in with the wall to make the entire room feel taller. This design hack is perfect for anyone who is looking to renovate a smaller kitchen that wants to avoid creating a cramped space.


Grey Kitchen Sinks

If you want to add grey to your kitchen but don’t want the whole kitchen in this colour, why not add a grey kitchen sink. These are perfect for modern kitchens and look great alongside black, white or wood effect worktops.

Kitchen Sinks

If you have grey kitchen cabinets, you don’t necessarily need a grey sink. Being a neutral colour, a range of other sink finishes will look great alongside your other grey fixtures. If you're going for a lighter grey kitchen, a white kitchen sink is an ideal choice. If your kitchen has a slightly darker, more industrial look, go for a black or copper sink.

white kitchen sink grey cabinets#

Traditional Grey Kitchen

Although grey is a colour usually associated with modern kitchens, that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for other styles. Grey is an increasingly popular choice for anyone looking to create a traditional space. The neutral tone of grey looks great with the classic aesthetic and is often used when trying to create a ‘classic meets modern’ style home.



It might not be the first material that springs to mind when you think of redesigning your home, but concrete is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Concrete is a great way to add some extra textures to your grey kitchen and is guaranteed to wow any visitors.


Add Some Textures

Adding interesting textures can help break up an all grey kitchen and give it some extra character. Whether it's a terrazzo splashback, dark wood flooring or a granite worktop, extra patterns will give some life to the space and prevent it looking too sterile.


Choose The Right Taps

When styling your kitchen, don’t forget about choosing the right taps. In a grey kitchen we’d recommend a finish which will stand out from the rest of the colour scheme such as matt black or brass. This will complement the grey colours whilst keeping the modern look. Alternatively, if you've not gone for a completely grey colour scheme, consider a sleek, modern, grey kitchen tap.

Industrial Kitchens

At Tap Warehouse we love industrial kitchen design. The modern looks and use of metals and strong materials make a it a great choice for anyone looking to create a modern, warehouse style interior. The darker, more rustic looks of industrial décor are the perfect complement to grey fixtures and fittings.

That concludes our collection of grey kitchen ideas. If you need more inspiration, take a look at our industrial kitchen, country kitchen and Scandinavian kitchen ideas.

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