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Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Scandinavian design has a focus on minimalist style, clean simple lines and neutral colours. Think white walls, wood floors and simplistic, functional furniture. It's a design philosophy which will help you create a relaxing, clutter free space. In this guide we take you through how you can create your own Scandi kitchen.

Benefits of a Scandinavian Kitchen

Light Spaces

Scandi kitchen design is great for anyone that lives in a room without a lot of sunlight. The white surfaces and walls will bounce light around the room, making the space appear brighter.

Clutter Free Living

One of the benefits of the Scandinavian design philosophy is the relaxing, clutter free spaces it creates. As our lives become ever busier and we're surrounded by more and more technology, having a space to unwind without any extra clutter is vital. The beautiful, minimalist Scandi style is perfect for this.


The simplistic looks, wood finishes and white walls of the Scandinavian kitchen mean you can create your own for relatively little outlay. Unlike industrial and country kitchen design which focuses on the use of real woods and strong metals, with a Scandinavian kitchen it’s ok to use cheaper materials and less expensive finishes to achieve the look. After all, this is the part of the world which brought us flat pack furniture!


Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Here we outline some of our favourite tips and ideas to help you create your perfect Scandi kitchen.


White will be the main colour throughout your Scandinavian kitchen but that doesn’t mean your walls have to be boring. You can add a white tiled section for texture or use a different coloured kitchen splashback. We like the wood panelling used in the image below which brings a fresh, natural touch of colour to the kitchen.


For a Scandi kitchen the obvious choice for flooring is wood. It's easy to clean, should be long lasting and adds the natural touch we want. We would recommend choosing a light wood floor if you can, which will help your kitchen feel bright and airy. If you don’t want to go for wood, white or light grey tiles are a slightly more expensive option which will still look fantastic. 

Flooring is one of the areas where you can save money. Laminate wood flooring can be purchased relatively cheaply and will give the effect you want. Similarly if you want to invest and ensure your kitchen stands the test of time, opt for some more expensive ceramic tiles or even stone flags.


Kitchen Sink

When choosing the sink for your Scandi kitchen, choose a light finish. A classic white kitchen sink is the perfect complement to the wood finishes in the rest of the kitchen. Belfast sinks have the clean lines and smooth edges which will fit perfectly with the minimalist style. 

If a white finish isn’t for you, a grey or stainless steel sink will also work well by providing the neutral tone you need whilst giving a change from the white finishes which will be present in the rest of your kitchen. 

If you want to add your own personal touch to your Scandi kitchen and change up the colours, consider a black kitchen sink. Although not a traditional Scandinavian style, adding black against the largely white backdrop can look great.

Kitchen Taps

When choosing a tap for your Scandi kitchen, we’d recommend a mono kitchen mixer with a smooth, simplistic style. A swan neck style spout is ideal and will fit well with the minimalist theme. 

When thinking about finish, stick to neutral colours like white or chrome. These colours will keep your kitchen sink area feeling bright and clean. We recommend staying away from any finishes that will take away from the organic feel such as brushed finishes and copper.

As this design philosophy is all about keeping things simple, you can also reduce the clutter in your kitchen with a boiling water tap. Removing the need to have a separate kettle on your shelf, these taps provide boiling water on demand and are available in a great selection of styles and finishes.

Large Wooden Table

For your Scandinavian kitchen your want a table which is large enough to feel inviting for guests but keeps in with the organic, minimalist feel. Here the only way to go is a large wooden table and chairs. Choose a simplistic chair design and light wood which will help the room feel bright. If you really want to enhance the minimalist look, bench seating is an ideal and flexible option.

Hanging Lights

This is a design trend which is becoming increasingly popular in many kitchen types and the Scandi kitchen is no exception. Rather than lights built into the ceiling, these are hung from wires and usually include a decorative frame. For your Scandinavian kitchen, choose a light shade in a neutral colour such as white or grey.


Add Some Colour

A few small items can be used in your Scandi kitchen to brighten it up. Whether it’s a bright coffee machine, table cloth on your wood table, coloured coffee & sugar holders or piece of wall art, when used in moderation these are a great way to add some colour to the space whilst ensuring you keep the minimalist style.


Open Shelving 

One of the easiest ways to help your Scandinavian kitchen feel brighter and more open is to remove the kitchen cabinets above the worktop. Although these can be useful, occupying the upper wall spaces can make your kitchen feel smaller and more cramped. Instead, replace the cabinets with open shelving to hold all your kitchen essentials. It is however important not to clutter up your shelving or you won’t be able to achieve that minimalist look.



The ideal solution for keeping the clutter down in your Scandi kitchen is to create a pantry. This is usually a small room or an alcove with a door which is able to hold all your food supplies out of sight. Although it’s a more expensive option, it’s the best way to keep your kitchen tidy.



Although we love the relaxing, minimalist style, sometimes Scandinavian kitchens can lack different textures to draw your eye. Adding a touch of marble is a great way to add some extra patterns to your kitchen without being too overwhelming. Whether it's a kitchen worktop or a splash back, marble will give you a modern look which is in-keeping with the style of your kitchen.scandi-design-marble

That concludes our top Scandi kitchen ideas. If you want to create your own, take a look at our great selection of kitchen taps and sinks.

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