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Blanco Kitchen Taps Buying Guide

For over 90 years, Blanco have perfected their range of kitchen taps, sinks and accessories and are a leading manufacturer in the industry. Blanco blends style and quality together and through this, have curated a large range of kitchen mixer taps suited to any kitchen design whether modern or traditional. Here’s all you need to know about Blanco’s collection of kitchen taps.

Which Blanco Kitchen Taps Are the Best?

The most popular Blanco kitchen taps include the Evol-S and the Candor collection. You can’t go wrong with a single lever mono mixer tap, so the Candor taps are great options for minimalist kitchens, and will complement undermount sinks perfectly.

The Evol-S drinking systems are one of Blanco’s most popular ranges. These kitchen taps let you choose between cold, warm and filtered water, as well as instant boiling water at the touch of a button. Not only are they exquisitely efficient, these taps are curated with high quality materials to give your kitchen a sleek, stylish finish.

Blanco Modern Taps

If you’re looking to create a statement, Blanco have plenty of modern kitchen taps in special finishes such as brushed copper, brushed brass, polished rose gold, matt white and black. These taps are suited to modern kitchens as they offer a cutting-edge design. If you’re choosing a special finish kitchen tap, it’s good practice to pair it with simple decor and worktops so the space doesn’t feel too busy.

See below for some great modern tap options to make your kitchen design a real talking point for your guests.

Blanco Modern Taps


Blanco Traditional Taps

Blanco’s range of traditional kitchen taps cater for vintage and country kitchens alike. Blanco’s traditional taps have beautiful swan neck designs and statement levers which add an elegant, timeless charm to soften your kitchen design. Sleek kitchen taps with tall, curved neck designs and twin levers are classic to traditional design and pair beautifully with ceramic farmhouse sinks, which Blanco also offer.

The best traditional tap finishes include chrome, brushed stainless steel, pewter and brushed copper. To ensure your special finish kitchen taps stand the test of time, it’s important to provide the right aftercare for your taps to keep them as polished as the day you bought them.

Blanco Traditional Taps


Blanco Pull Out Taps

Pull out taps transform everyday kitchen life, making the chores of washing up, cleaning around your sink and filling up pots and pans ten times easier. With Blanco’s range of pull out kitchen taps, you’re not just getting a wonderfully efficient tap, but a beautifully modern finish that's as functional as it is stylish. Here are Blanco's best pull out taps from Tap Warehouse:

Blanco Pull Out Taps


Blanco Filtered Water Taps

Blanco’s range of filtered water taps provide perfect drinking water at the touch of a button. Built-in filtration systems leave you with pure clean water that is safe to drink, with all impurities and bad tastes removed. Blanco’s range of filtered taps come with digital flow meters which reveal how much life is left in the filter for ease of use.

Blanco Filter Taps


How to Fix a Leaking Tap

Leaky taps are usually caused by degraded rubber washers or O-rings, usually brought on from general wear and tear. Fixing your leaky taps is a quick fix and a more cost-effective option than forking out for a new tap completely. Visit our insightful guide for how to stop dripping taps for a step-by-step guide on how to do this yourself.

Opting for a Blanco kitchen tap is an investment that will stand the test of time and revolutionise kitchen design. Our blog is full of interior inspiration, such as our small kitchen ideas guide which has useful tips for how to make small spaces appear larger with clever colour choices, storage hacks and space-saving accessories. 

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