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What are Flexi-Tail Tap Connections?

Flexi-tail pipe connectors, also known as flexi-tail piping or flexible hoses, connect up the hot and cold water feeds to your bathroom or kitchen tap. Flexi-tails come in a range of lengths and sizes to suit specific plumbing installations or repairs. Essentially - they make installation and maintenance of your tap as easy as possible. 

They're Stronger and Longer Lasting

  • Flexi-tail pipes tend to be made from braided stainless steel over rubber. Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant material protected by the formation of a self-repairing passive oxide.

  • Stainless steel offers a wide range of benefits including a very low corrosion rate and the ability to withstand very high flow rates - in excess of 40m/s.

They Look Better

  • Stainless steel flexi-tail piping will blend well with modern architecture and interior design. They do not require any finishing or coating and can be left visible to the eye or easily concealed by hand bending and tucking out of view.

They're Better for the Environment

  • The level of alloy content in flexi-tail piping falls well within the limits allowed for products in contact with drinking water which makes them reassuringly safe.

  • Stainless steel flexi-tail pipes are very easy to keep clean and are fully recyclable.

They're Far More Cost Effective

  • Cost effective and have a long lifeline.

Important Details

  • A flexi-tail that is incorrectly fitted can kink or split. It is crucial to make sure that pipe work is measured and cut correctly to ensure that the flexi is not excessively kinked as to restrict flow or cause damage to the hose.

  • A flexi-tail pulled so tight that it is not sufficiently threaded will leak.

Why not take a peek at some of our taps feature flexi-tail connectors below?

Here at Tap Warehouse, we believe in quality and safety. The majority of our flexis we provide are WRAS approved, and of course all of our products are superior quality. If you need any further advice, please contact our team via live chat or email and will be there to help.

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