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Utility Room Ideas

Utility rooms need to be multifunctional, but they don't have to be the most cluttered, unattractive rooms in the house. We've collated some of the best utility ideas to help you design the perfect space, along with interior inspiration and handy storage tips. 


Clever Utility Room Storage

Best Laundry Sinks

Utility Room Design

Best Utility Taps

Small Utility Room Ideas

Clever Utility Room Storage

Utility rooms have a lot of uses and it's important that they are a storage-focused space. If you're lacking space in your room, using these tips and tricks can help to maximise what you do have, and make use of the full height of the room.

Hanging Rails

Try out a hanging rod for clothes to make the best use of the space you have available. Airing out clothes will prevent creases and will have your laundry room smelling fresh at the same time! If you're feeling inventive, try out a suspended ladder from the ceiling to attach clothes hangers to, which will make use of even more space in the room.

Laundry Room Hanging Rail

Glass Jars

Give your laundry supplies the luxe look with glass containers and baskets, to turn cleaning materials into a fun accessory. Laundry powder and capsules can be easily placed into a glass jar which will dramatically improve the unsightly box it comes in, just make sure these are out of reach of children!

Belly Baskets & Hampers

Wicker baskets and hampers are popular home accessories and are especially useful for storing home essentials such as toilet rolls, towels and dirty washing. Not only are they super functional, they also give a Scandi vibe to your space and look great against other light woods and neutral colours such as whites, greys and beige.

Laundry Room Baskets

What Sink is Best for a Utility Room?

Belfast & Butler sinks make for great utility sinks as they have a deep bowl size and a certain elegant, timeless charm. They are popular for laundry rooms and great for handwashing clothes, cleaning dirty pets and also provide a excellent ice bath for beers on a hot day... Ceramic sinks are popular in traditional and country style kitchens and are perfect for laundry rooms due to their hard wearing ceramic construction and scratch resistant properties. Take a look at some of our favourite ceramic sinks below.

Utility Room Design

Laundry rooms are a great opportunity to be more experimental with design, paint colours and accessories that you may not want to commit to in other parts of your house that are more on show. Here are some design and paint colour ideas to help you achieve the perfect traditional and country style decor.

Farmhouse Neutrals

The best paint colours for laundry rooms include neutrals like grey and beige along with light wood floors and worktops. Neutral colours work well for traditional schemes to give a more clean look to the space, preventing it from appearing too busy. Industrial decor including rustic materials, exposed bricks and pipes is also widely used for utility rooms as, let's face it, utility rooms aren't supposed to be the most refined room int he house, but rather a multifunctional, practical room for household tasks, so a rustic look works best.

Farmhouse Neutrals Utility Room

Get Creative

Experiment with paint colours and tile ideas that you wouldn't normally go for in your main living area. Try out a new scheme, and test new shades without having to commit to the scheme in a busier room that you know a lot of people will see. Feature floors and walls are a great idea for utility rooms as it adds another dimension to the space and more character to the room.

Patterned Floor Tiles in Utility Room

Utility Room Taps

The best taps for laundry rooms include pull out spray taps and traditional kitchen mixers. Pull out taps are a great choice due to their functionality and modern design, and are perfect for almost any job, whether that's rinsing fruit and veg, handwashing clothes or watering houseplants. Traditional taps are great if you're going for a less modern design, and we have a range of traditional bridge mixers that will add lovely height and definition to your laundry sink.

Small Utility Room Ideas

If you have limited space in your utility room, we have a few useful tips to help you maximise space to use for those home essentials. 

Double Up

If you're limited for floor space in your utility room, double up on your appliances to make use of the room height which will provide more space for other items such as washing baskets or a shoe rack. Popping a few baskets or hooks onto the side of your washing machines and dryers can provide more storage space for cleaning essentials. This space would otherwise be unused, so this is a great opportunity to get creative! 

Laundry Room Washing Machines

Foldable Ironing Board

Not enough space for a whole ironing board? Installing a wall mounted board will help to save space and is not as bulky as a standard ironing board. There are also many small countertop ironing boards on the market which are great options for when you need to iron on the go!

Washing Machine Worktop

Another great ideas is to have a worktop above your washing machine which will provide more space for food prep and to hold other accessories. Top tip: if you can't fit the machines under a worktop, an extended shelf over the top will work just as well.

Washing Machine Worktop

We hope this list of laundry room design ideas has given you some inspiration to create a perfect clutter free space of your own. Check out our blog all about country kitchens for further inspo on how to get that traditional look.

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