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Report: Tap Warehouse Reveals Kitchen Spring Trends for 2021

Spring is here, which means it’s that time of year again to declutter and clean. And, whilst you’re in the process of giving your home a little uplift, you may want to update your interiors, too. So, what better place to start than in the heart of the home - the kitchen?  

To provide you with interior inspiration, Tap Warehouse have analysed emerging kitchen trends on Pinterest and their own search data. They have uncovered not only the rising trends for Spring, but what kitchen trends are set to be the most popular in 2021. 

So, how will you be decorating your kitchen? Find out below.

Top 10 Trend Predictions for the Kitchen this Spring

Tap Warehouse analysed rising UK Pinterest searches in the lead up to Spring to reveal which trends are on top for Spring and in 2021, these are the results:

  1. Terrazzo Kitchen – 20% increase
  2. Green Kitchen – 19% increase
  3. Pink Kitchen – 18% increase
  4. Teal Kitchen – 17% increase 
  5. Black and White Kitchen – 16% increase
  6. Red Kitchen – 15% increase
  7. Orange Kitchen – 14% increase
  8. Light Grey Kitchen – 13% increase
  9. Navy Blue Kitchen – 11% increase
  10. Light Blue Kitchen – 10% increase

Trend #1: Add a Pop of Colour with Terrazzo 

Terrazzo has had a resurgence of late, especially in the kitchen, with searches for ‘terrazzo kitchen’ increasing 20% in the lead up to Spring. While terrazzo is often used for flooring, the material is now being used in tiles and worktops – perfect for the kitchen.

So, what even is terrazzo?

It’s a material made of chippings set into cement, the chips can be large or small – both just as distinctive. Not only is the material gorgeous, but this can also be a sustainable decorating option as the chips are made using offcuts. You can find terrazzo in a whole host of colours, but we particularly like bright and pastels, which suit a Spring mood. What’s more, terrazzo almost resembles an explosion of confetti – what better way to add fun to your kitchen than this? 

Tom Drake, interior design specialist at Tap Warehouse says, “In Springtime, customers tend to reach for brighter and colourful décor options, with this Terrazzo trend being proof of that. However, this chic look is not just for Spring, it’s certainly a trend that’s here to stay. Here at Tap Warehouse, we love pairing terrazzo with matt black taps or adding a touch of luxe with gold tapware.”

Trend #2: Make a Scene with Green

What could be more seasonal than bringing nature into your kitchen with green colours for Spring? Although it’s a fitting choice for Spring, green is a colour that stands the test of time as it can breathe life into most kitchen designs. And it appears Brits agree – Pinterest searches for ‘green kitchen’ have risen 19% in the lead up to Spring, making this the second top kitchen trend. So, what do you pair with a green kitchen? Despite it being such a bold colour, there’s many ways to incorporate green in the kitchen. Why not create a contrasting look with green cabinets and pink walls or accessories? 

We all know white goes with any colour, however matching with green looks particularly chic. White will brighten up your kitchen space as well as cleverly drawing more attention to your gorgeous green cabinets – balancing the room flawlessly.

Trend #3: Playful Pink is on the Rise

The colour pink is key for kitchens according to Pinterest searches, with the term increasing by 18% in the run up to Spring. But, with pink being such a daring colour – how do you add it to your kitchen? 

Pair pink walls with white cabinets, or vice versa and team with brass fittings for an effortlessly cool look. It’s a colour combo that looks luxurious and more expensive than it is. 

Another striking way to add pink is to combine with navy cabinets. Plus, you’ll be incorporating two key trends into one with navy blue kitchens being the sixth trend. 

Or you could team pink with grey - the two colours are practically made for each other. Many greys have pink undertones, so they fit beautifully. Add copper handles and taps to fit with the warm shades, or pair with matt black fittings for a statement look. 

Tom Drake, interior specialist at Tap Warehouse, adds “Many of us are seeking a bit of joy in our lives, so it’s little surprise that Brits are turning their kitchens a cheerful pink. However, if you didn’t want to go all out with such a statement colour, you could opt for a pink kitchen island. You’ll still have the benefits of a striking, fun, colour in your kitchen but with a more balanced look.”

Trend #4: Create a Calming Kitchen with Teal Hues

Teal kitchens are set to be the latest trend for Spring and beyond – the search term has grown a whopping 17% on Pinterest. With the nation spending more time indoors than ever before during stressful times, it’s no surprise Brits are drawn to calming colours such as teal. The kitchen is the hub of the home, so what better way to add this relaxing colour to your home than the kitchen? 

Tom Drake, says “To really accentuate the calming effect of teal, why not add lots of luscious plants to your kitchen? Indoor plants have been shown to improve mood, plus the beautiful greenery teams amazingly against teal: creating a tonal look. Here at Tap Warehouse, we love pairing teal with antique brass, gold or copper touches. The jewel tone of teal gives it a luxurious feel, so these finishing touches really emphasise the richness.”

Top 5 Predicted Sink & Tap Trends for the Kitchen

You can’t have a fabulous kitchen without these necessary finishing touches. So, what should you pair with the top kitchen trends? We analysed searches on our site over the past year, to uncover the latest sink and tap trends, these are the results:

  1. Gunmetal Taps – 600% increase
  2. White Sinks & Taps – 600% increase
  3. Black Sinks & Taps - 360% increase
  4. Antique Brass Taps – 200% increase 
  5. Gold Sinks & Taps – 129% increase

Trend #1: Go for Gorgeous Gunmetal Taps

Gunmetal is a dark and sleek colour, which may not necessarily be associated with the brightness of Spring. Still, gunmetal taps are set to be a huge trend, with searches for the trend rising in Spring by a whopping 600% on Tap Warehouse.

Gunmetal is incredibly versatile, with its gorgeous greys practically matching with most kitchen styles, so it’s little surprise this will be a big trend. However, if you’re looking for inspiration, try pairing this tap with the 6th biggest trend for Spring – a grey kitchen. This can look stunningly masculine and modern.

Trend #2: Bright White Features are on the Increase

The complete opposite to the ever-so popular black tap and sink trend, is the emerging trend of white taps and sinks. Searches for white taps have risen a huge 600% on Tap Warehouse compared to last year, and searches for white sinks have increased by 250%.

White sinks and taps certainly don’t have to be paired together, a white tap couples beautifully with a black or steel sink, and vice versa.

Trend #3: Add Instant Impact with Black Elements

Chrome was once the finish of choice for taps and sinks. However, these days you’re more likely to find a matte black tap and sink in a kitchen. The trend shows no signs of slowing down, with searches on site for black sink and black tap increasing by 360% and 233%, respectively.

But, is it really any surprise when these finishes complement most kitchen styles, and make an instant statement?

For a timeless look that stays in style year after year, team this matte black trend with a monochrome kitchen. Monochrome aesthetics have the advantage of being bold, but never fading in style. What’s great is the look can be as minimalist or maximalist as you desire.

Trend #4: Bridgerton has Inspired Brits to Try Regency Interiors with a 4,800% Increase

Did you know that Google Trends reported a 4,800% increase in searches for ‘regency interior’ two days after the Netflix hit Bridgerton came out? Which may be why regal antique brass taps have amassed 200% more searches on site, since last year.

How to Achieve a Bridgerton-Style Kitchen

If you are looking for a regency inspired kitchen opt for a country kitchen style in gorgeous cream cabinets. A hanging pan rack is a given for this style of kitchen, and to really achieve a regal look, add a kitchen island. 

However, you don’t have to pair a regency kitchen with antique brass taps, this trend pairs beautifully with cottage style kitchens as well as green.

Feeling inspired by these kitchen style trends? Why not check out our interior inspiration hub, where we’ve revealed the latest grey kitchen ideas, or master kitchen storage with these tips?

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