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Green Bathroom Ideas

You can incorporate green into your bathroom in a number of ways, from tiles to wallpaper, and accessories to plants. Here are our top green bathroom ideas to give you some inspiration to create the perfect nature-inspired oasis.

What Colours Go With Green?

Green looks great alongside a number of colours including white, black and brass finishes. Green will complement white basins and baths along with matt black taps and showers alike; it's wonderfully versatile and easy to work with. If you're looking to create an art deco themed space, pair dark green with gold and brass finishes for a luxurious feel.

Does Green Look Nice in Bathrooms?

Green is a popular colour for bathrooms - it symbolises nature and creates a sense of calm when used in interior decor. Forest green and sage green are popular in many modern and traditional bathrooms which not only makes the space more vibrant, but more inviting and welcoming.

Green Bathroom Ideas

Here are our favourite ways to bring green into your bathroom effortlessly. Spoiler: there's no lime green in sight.

Green Tile Bathroom Ideas 

Many people choose to incorporate green into their bathrooms with tiles, and there are an array of different tile finishes to choose from. Feature walls, tiled splashbacks and half wall tiles are a great idea if you’re not sure where to start. Some shades of green can make your bathroom appear too dark, so it’s a great idea to complement this colour with whites and woods to ensure your space remains vibrant and warm.

Green Wallpaper

Wallpaper in bathrooms has had a dramatic U-turn in recent years, historically being deemed as old fashioned and unflattering, but sneakily making its way back into many rooms in the house, not just bathrooms.

The best way to style green wallpaper is to pair it with understated furniture, tap finishes and decor, to ensure the wallpaper is the main feature and isn’t overwhelmed by its surroundings. Wall murals and feature walls are popular in many bathrooms, especially cloakrooms. Downstairs toilets are arguably the least used rooms in the house, so are where many people get experimental with their decor!

Green Bathroom Accessories

If you’re looking at adding some luscious green tones into your bathroom design without making any drastic changes, adding in a few pops of green with your accessories may be the perfect solution. Hand towels, prints, bath mats and soap dispensers are a good place to start with adding more nature inspired vibes into your space, and are also beneficial because you don’t need to commit to a whole painted or tiled wall, but still get the desired result.

Art Deco Bathroom

If you’re looking at creating a more bold and dramatic finish, choose a dark shade of green and some gold or brass tones to create an art deco themed bathroom. When done right, art deco bathrooms can bring the right balance of drama and charm, without appearing too dark. Finish this look with geometric mirrors, pendant wall lighting and large wall frames & prints for a striking design.

Forest green is the perfect shade to use for this theme, and you can add more texture and depth to green walls with panelling. 

Sage Green Bathroom Ideas

Another shade of green that has been increasing in popularity in many UK bathrooms is sage green. This is a more muted tone and more vibrant than dark, forest greens. Sage green gives a clean, fresh finish when paired with white and chrome finishes and has a timeless charm which is well suited for traditional bathrooms.

There are a multitude of different paint and tile colours in sage green, and these can work in small and large bathrooms to add a touch of playfulness and character.

Bathroom Plants

With many of us spending more time in our homes than ever, it's becoming more important to choose home decor that ties us closer to nature. Plants are wonderful features to place in bathrooms to bring the outdoors in and jazz up your bathroom without needing to be an interior design expert!

Fresh green leaves will give a wonderful colour pop to your bathroom and plants are super easy to incorporate and move around until you get the desired effect. The best bathroom plants are those that are able to cope with fluctuations in temperatures and air quality such as snake plants, ivy and aloe vera.

Green is a versatile colour that is well suited to many bathroom designs. It pairs beautifully with an array of different colours and provides a clean, fresh look to bathrooms. For more home inspiration, check out our small kitchen design ideas.

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