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Bathroom Window Ideas

If you're in need of ideas for how to accessorize your bathroom window to jazz up your bathroom, we're here to help. Here are some things to consider along with advice for where is best to position a window in a bathroom.

Where Should You Position a Bathroom Window?

The best place to have a bathroom window is to the side of the vanity unit or toilet. Avoid having your window directly behind your mirror as you’ll get a glare in the reflection and you won't achieve a clear image. It’s important to keep your shower area away from windows to prevent mould and mildew around your window and to prevent watermarks and streaks on the glass. 

Most bathroom windows are placed above head height to give more privacy, however, there are different options to ensure privacy is key if you’re unable to move the position of your window.

Where to Put a Bathroom Window

Bathroom Window Ideas

Here we explore some of our top bathroom window ideas, from how to ensure you get more privacy in your bathroom, to tips on accessorizing your windowsills and what you can do to ensure you achieve enough light in windowless bathrooms.

Frosted Glass Windows

Privacy is super important in a bathroom - it’s the place where we shower, bathe, and get ourselves ready in the mornings and evenings. Frosted glass is a great solution for bathrooms that may be overlooked and it creates a modern, minimalist finish to your windows. Frosted window film is cost-effective as it can easily be installed onto your existing windows, meaning that the whole glass panel doesn’t need to be replaced.

An up-and-coming trend in many UK bathrooms is fluted windows. Meg Barrington, designer at Tap Warehouse suggests,

“fluted windows are a great way to add texture to your bathroom and ensure more privacy in your space. Fluted glass films are a cheaper alternative to replacing your window glass, and this is a popular option for other furniture around the house such as cupboards and doors.”

Frosted Glass Windows

Bathroom Windowsill Ideas

Windowsills are the perfect place to store bathroom accessories and add a little more personalisation to your space. Because they have a natural light source, windowsills are a great place to put your plants to ensure they receive enough sunlight. Take a look at the nation's most popular houseplants to reveal which plants are the easiest to care for.

To ensure your windowsills aren’t a magnet for clutter, make sure you keep your decor down to a minimum and ensure any bathroom essentials such as toilet rolls, cosmetic pads, and toothbrushes are stored away. Windowsills are a great place to show off items that spark joy, such as plants, candles, and ornaments.

Bathroom Windowsill Ideas

Bathroom Blind Ideas

We recommend opting for blinds rather than curtains in bathrooms as they’re easier to clean, resist mould and have a more modern, fresh finish. Blinds are better at conserving heat as they fit more snugly to your windows, helping to reduce cold air coming in and warm air escaping, therefore are ideal for areas of the home where you want to be more toasty.

Shutter-style blinds are a great option for bathrooms as they can adapt to your privacy easily and have a sleek, elegant look. As with all blinds, these can gather dust so it’s crucial to give these a deep clean now and then to keep your bathroom looking smart. It’s important to go for water-resistant blinds in the bathroom as it is a very moist area, so avoid fabric and wooden blinds. 

Bathroom Blinds

Bathroom Skylight Ideas

Natural light is crucial to bring vibrancy into your bathroom and give you more light for your morning and evening bathroom routines. Skylights are a great option for offering unobstructed natural light and a beautiful view of the sky; you also achieve more privacy than other bathroom window types as skylights aren’t likely to be overlooked. 

Large windows such as skylights can help to save on your energy bills as you will not have to rely on artificial lighting as much and natural light will always give the best ambiance as opposed to artificial lighting.

Bathroom Skylight

How to Make a Bathroom Brighter

If your bathroom happens to have none or very small windows, there are a few things you can do to ensure your bathroom stays bright and vibrant. Go for white and neutral colours for your bathroom walls and floors to help lighten your space as these will bounce light around the room. Reflective surfaces such as mirrors are also a great option for windowless bathrooms as they reflect any available light from artificial lighting and also make your space feel larger.

Replacing a shower curtain with a glass bath screen will help to spread more light around your room and ensure you don’t have a dark, shadowed area when showering. Screens are also much easier to clean - check out our DIY guide to take you through how to clean shower glass.

We hope these bathroom window ideas have given some inspiration for you to create your dream bathroom. Check out our blog to read more design inspiration along with helpful tips and tricks.

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