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7 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Homes are becoming more compact - just compare the size of a country mansion to a central London flat and you’ll find that there’s a massive discrepancy between the size of two properties that cost the same! It can be difficult to find storage solutions for small bathrooms, but this handy guide is packed full of useful tips to maximise space and achieve a decluttered look.

Maya Bathroom Vanity Unit

1. Space Saving Vanity Units

Finding storage space can be difficult in small bathrooms, but wall mounted vanity units are the perfect solution to providing ample space for toiletries whilst still maintaining a stylish bathroom.  The best vanity units for small bathrooms include wall mounted or slimline vanities, and we have a wide range of units available in various styles and finishes. The freestanding nature of these units will free up floor space, allowing for baskets or bins, and it will make your space look more streamlined.

Slimline cloakroom vanities offer every bit of the quality provided by larger vanity units, but at a significantly smaller size and price, these are the perfect bathroom storage idea for small spaces! Here are a few of our top picks:

2. Combined Furniture

Combination WC & basin units are great for saving space as well as money! They provide extra storage capabilities for your bathroom essentials, with the added functionality of having the basin and toilet all in one place. These units will hide unsightly toilet plumbing, and also provide extra storage in the shelf above the toilet instead of having the cistern in plain view. Combined options effortlessly offer practicality for small bathrooms by enclosing the two main elements of your bathroom into a tidy single offering whilst giving miles of storage and style.

There is a wealth of options to make use of the space below your basin, and if you’ve got a large bathroom then capitalise on this feature with our range of double basin vanity units.

Combination Bathroom Unit

3. Shower Caddies

Shower baskets & caddies are essential in any modern bathroom design. They offer an organised way to store your shower products, whilst keeping them away from the shower/bath floor. We have a range of shower baskets in matt black and stainless steel finishes, to match the style and scheme of your bathroom. For long-lasting quality, we recommend opting for polished stainless steel - it looks like chrome but will last for years and years without rusting even in the damp environment of a shower enclosure.

4. Drawer Dividers

To defeat cluttered and messy drawers, grab a few drawer dividers to help organise your bathroom products. Getting ready in the morning will be made much simpler with a touch more organisation, and these dividers will prevent your bathroom essentials from going missing again. Busy, family bathrooms will benefit from drawer dividers - try having one section per family member to help keep family arguments at bay!

Bathroom Storage Drawer Divider

5. Tall Bathroom Storage Cabinets

With tall storage cabinets, there’s no easier way to drum up some space in your bathroom by using the whole height of your bathroom to increase your storage capacity. Small bathrooms will benefit from tall units as they make the most of the space available whilst saving space. From contemporary bathroom furniture to more traditional designs, there's an almost endless range of options at your fingertips. Not only are our tall bathroom cabinets excellent for practicality, they are available n a variety of beautiful wooden finishes that make them a stylish and eye-catching addition to any bathroom.

6. Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets are a great way to bring more storage into small bathroom designs whilst not losing the essential mirror element. Removing a large mirror and replacing with a mirrored cabinet will give more function to your bathroom design and a place to neatly tuck away bathroom items. Go one step further and opt for an illuminated mirrored cabinet to provide another dimension to your space with LED lighting to brighten up small bathrooms. 

Bathroom Mirrored Cabinet

7. Wicker & Belly Baskets

Despite its quiet and dutiful nature, the humble bathroom sees some of the heaviest traffic out of any of the rooms in your home. It’s only natural that there’s a whole load of stuff that gets left around the bathroom and of course we need somewhere to put it. Why not make storage pretty with wicker baskets to ensure your storage solutions are practical and stylish? Keeping towels, toilet rolls or flannels in wicker baskets provides a modern, stylish alternative to plastic containers. 

We hope this selection of small bathroom storage ideas has helped you to figure out how to style a small bathroom without it appearing cluttered and busy. Choosing the right furniture and storage units will give you an opportunity to store your bathroom essentials out of sight, so you can enjoy the peace and calm of your bathroom.

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