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Combined Basin & Toilet Furniture

If you're pushed for space, or like the seamless and tidy look of a run of furniture, you'll love our range of combined basin & toilet vanity unit sets. These multi-purpose units consist of a vanity unit with basin with a matching back to wall toilet unit. Some also come complete with a back to wall toilet and dual flush concealed cistern. For those that don't, it's easy to add one to your unit from our range.

Toilet and basin furniture sets provide an elegant solution for smaller bathrooms. The fact the units are joined together means a neater look and less gaps to trap dust and grime. They also help you ensure you are getting a back to wall toilet unit and vanity that perfectly match each other.

If you’re on a budget, our toilet and basin combo units are available at a wide selection of different price points, so all that’s left to do is find the perfect matching tap.

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