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6 Obvious Reasons to Own a Glass Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap

A glass waterfall basin mixer tap is a mix of the 2 best additions to any bathroom: a waterfall tap and more glass. So, here's 6 reasons to buy one and 6 recommendations to choose from.

Scientists used to think that glass was a slow moving liquid. A reaaaally slow moving liquid. And they thought this because old church windows were thicker at the bottom.

They assumed was the glass flowing over hundreds of years like a syrup waterfall, so we were literally surrounding ourselves with glass before we even knew what it was because glass is, and was, just a gorgeous material that goes with any style of interior decoration or architectural taste. Indeed, we still embellish our favorite spaces with glass whenever we can and the bathroom is no different. So buying yourself a glass waterfall basin mixer tap is practically a century old tradition.


Still not convinced? Here are the 6 best reasons why a glass waterfall basin mixer tap is the best choice for any bathroom basin:


1. A Glass Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap Suits ANY Bathroom

bathroom featuring a lot of glass which is ideal for a glass waterfall basin mixer

Any bathroom - traditional, contemporary, period, modern, pink, black, blue, or polka dot - is upgraded with the addition of a glass waterfall tap, because that's just the nature of glass. It's fluid, so fluid science \thought it was a liquid; but while they were wrong, glass is still fluid in terms of style and decoration.

One of the most well-known interior decoration rules is to use accents to offset generous use of bold materials. Basically, that means that if you stick a big gold bath in the middle of your bathroom you just have to add some small gold furnishings around the place. As a result, the gold bath will look right at home while still standing out for all the right reasons. But the thing is, with a glass bathroom tap that rule doesn't matter because you already have glass windows and glassy mirrors - and so does the rest of your house. And even if you don't, glass basin taps will still look incredible in there.


2. A Waterfall Basin Tap, Even Without Glass, is Magnificent

example of a waterfall jet stream, such as would be produced by a glass waterfall basin mixer

Just check out our lists of the best waterfall bath taps, and the best waterfall basin taps, to see how wonderful a waterfall tap is. Now pair that look with the addition of some glass. Simply gorgeous. You'll honestly be swept away by how natural and calming using a glass waterfall mixer tap is.


3. A Glass Waterfall Tap Always Looks Cleaner

wiping a glass waterfall mixer tap with a dry cloth

Clear glass may show oily fingerprints and smudges, but so does stainless steel. However, like stainless steel, a quick wipe from a dry cloth turns clear glass taps into shiny fixtures that look freshly polished. The reason for this sparkling look is the way light bounces around inside the transparent material - just like a diamond.


4. A Glass Waterfall Basin Tap Makes Your Bathroom Brighter

bright bathroom thanks to good use of glass

Light is a precious commodity that is coerced into our homes through windows and lightbulbs, yet shadows can ruin everything. Sure, you need shadow to give shape to things, but needing more shadow is hardly a problem that most people have. Rather, your bathroom will likely benefit enormously from the smallest addition of glass which doesn't just reduce shadows, but bounces light around like a mirror would.


5. A Glass Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap is Unusual

interesting basin complimented by glass basin taps

Choosing the usual is fine because not everyone wants a bathroom straight out of an interior design catalogue, but glass can be as conservative or as crazy as you like while still staying interesting. It all depends on the space around it because it'll simply add to what you already have.


6. Buying Glass Bathroomware is a Safe Addiction to Develop

glass bathroom furnished with a see through bath and basin

As with everything, once we get a taste of something we enjoy we want to have more of it. And this is how those completely pink bathrooms happen. Tragic. But if a glass basin mixer gives you the glass bathroom bug, then go wild. You can furnish your entire home with glass and rather than drag you away in a straightjacket, guests will just applaud enthusiastically. You can't mess this up.


The Best Glass Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap to Buy

collage of flova glass waterfall basin mixer tap examples

To help you choose the best glass waterfall basin mixer tap, let's skip straight to the good stuff: Flova. 

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