The Different Types of Basin Taps Explained

Can choosing between the different types of basin taps really be that difficult? Are taps really that different to one another? "Yes" is both the long and the short answer.

Here at Tap Warehouse, we offer an extensive range of bathroom basin taps, available in a wide choice of designs including ultra modern and traditional classic styles in a variety of different sizes to compliment all bathroom basins. To help you choose the right tap for you, here's our a guide explaining the different types of basin taps available. 


Mono Basin Mixer Taps

A waterfall basin tap that glitters as it runs

Mono basin mixer taps (or basin monoblocs) are a compact tap type designed for 1 hole basins.

Single lever basin taps (pictured) use one control for both hot and cold. Since they only require one hand to use, they make a lot of sense for the bathroom.

Twin lever basin taps feature two levers - one for hot, one for cold - and offer better control over temperature. The main appeal, however, is that they look very striking.

Mono basin mixer taps are available in an array of designs, including ultra modern waterfall and open spout designs such as the Vellamo River Waterfall Basin Tap. The Vellamo River Waterfall basin tap features a cascading waterfall design, made with high-quality chrome plating with an easy to operate single lever, an excellent addition to a contemporary bathroom.


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Basin Pillar Taps (or pairs)

A pair of chrome basin pillar taps with a slim turn handle

The classic seperate hot and cold taps is a timeless look, guaranteed to add a touch of class into your bathroom setting. Pairs of basin taps are suitable for 2 hole basins, one for hot and one for cold water. We offer an extensive collection of pairs of bathroom taps sure to compliment all styles of bathroom decor, in chrome and gold plating finishes.


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3 Hole Basin Taps

A stunning pair of chrome three hole basin taps with a high shine reflection

3 Hole basin taps are ideal for those looking to make a style statement in their bathroom, achieving the sculptural look without it costing a fortune.

3 hole basin taps feature two separate temperature controls and one central spout for ease of use. This allows far easier temperature control than a single lever tap; the trade off is having to use two levers and potentially two hands to quickly achieve that pefect temperature, though it's definately worth it for the impressive display. Tapwarehouse offers an extensive range of 3 hole bathroom taps featuring an array of beautiful spouts in modern and traditional styles; from rounded and curved to elongated and square, there's a lot of choice.


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Tall Basin Mixers

A tall basin mixer tap paired with a white ceramic basin

Counter top also known as sit on basins have become an increasingly popular choice, especially for contemporary style bathrooms. Nothing can compliment a beautiful counter top basin more than a tall basin mixer. Tall basin mixers, also known as high rise or extended basin taps are available in a range of designs both modern and more traditional, ideal for creating a unique look in your bathroom. 


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Small Basin Taps

A small basin tap ideal for smaller basins and small spaces.

Standard sized taps can overpower a smaller basin whereas small basin taps are perfectly proportioned to compliment smaller cloakroom basins and vanity units. Check out the popular Vellamo Echo Basin Mixer tap a high-quality chrome plated brass tap. The Vellamo Echo basin Tap features modern ceramic disc technology comes with a free slotted clicker waste and is surprisingly affordable.


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Basin Spouts

A wall mounted basin spout being controlled by a digital controller by crosswater.

Basin spouts make an elegant addition to any bathroom, ideal for contemporary bathrooms as they offer a very minimalist look. Basin spouts are available in a wide range of designs from square to rounded, and rounded to high tech infra red basin spouts; there are plenty to choose from. Tapwarehouse offer one of the largest ranges of basin spouts on-line, with many eligible for free delivery and ready for dispatch within 24 hours.


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Wall Mounted Basin Taps

A wall mounted basin tap feeding in a stone bowl against a tiled backdrop.

Wall mounted taps are ideal for If you're looking for a statement basin tap, something that will provide a focal point for your bathroom look no further than wall mounted basin taps. Ideal for the contemporary bathroom, wall mounted basin taps help to create a minimalist look, ideal for space saving as they do not sit on the basin itself. Wall mounted bathroom taps are available in an extensive variety of modern designs, featuring different styles of spout and handles to compliment all styles of modern bathroom decor. 


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Thermostatic Basin Taps

A thermostatic basin tap controlled by a crosswater digital accessory to ensure maximum safety.

A thermostatic tap is a great addition to any home where young children or the elderly could be prone to burning themselves. A thermostatic basin tap works by ensuring a constant temperature during use, which makes them a safer choice for the bathroom. Tapwarehouse offer a select range of thermostatic basin taps with offerings from leading brands such as Mayfair, Crosswater and Tre Mercati.


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Infra-Red Basin Taps

A tap that senses hand movements in order to start the waterflow.

Infra red basin taps offer a range of benefits as well as hygienic properties. Infra red basic taps are activated by a motion sensor which enables hands-free operation, making them a more hygienic choice of bathroom tap. In addition to this, they feature an automatic shut off eliminating dripping with no chance of the tap being left running. Infra red basin taps are easy to use and ideal for bathrooms used by the less able and the elderly. 


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You can see when it comes to basin taps that there's a wide variety of choice available. Tapwarehouse offers one of the largest ranges of basin taps on the web, with offerings from leading manufacturers such as Crosswater, Vado, Hudson Reed, Tre Mercati and many more; all with heavily discounted RRP prices. Shop online for bathroom basin taps and see how much you can save.

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