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Smart Toilets: Are They a Smart Decision?

You may be wondering what a smart toilet actually is. This blog will go through the main functions of smart toilets and the different functions they have.

What is a Smart Toilet?

The term ‘smart toilet’ is actually slightly misleading, as more often than not it’s not the toilet itself that can be considered smart, it’s actually the toilet seat.  For anyone that has ever been to Japan, you’re probably already familiar with the main concept of the smart toilet seat, or bidet seat as it is often referred to.

Bidet-style smart toilet seats have been used in Japan for many years now and are considered the most hygienic way to clean after using the toilet. Much like a standalone bidet, smart toilet seats shoot jets of water to provide an optimum clean.

What Else Can a Smart Toilet Seat Do?

Remote control for Tap Warehouse smart toilet

Smart toilet seats have so many functions that they come with their own remote control. As well as the bidet cleaning function, they can also have the following:

  • Heated seat - Do you get a nasty shock on cold mornings when you first sit on your toilet seat? Many smart toilet seats are heated and therefore completely eliminate this morning unpleasantness.

  • Night light - If you wake up in the night and need the toilet, normally you’d either have to fumble your way to the toilet, or turn on a big light and either potentially wake up others in the house. Some smart toilet seats have a night light on them to guide you to the toilet without the need to turn other lights on.

  • Front and rear cleanse mode - As well as the standard rear cleanse, bidet seats also come with a front cleanse. The nozzle positions are completely adjustable using the remote control, and the water temperature and pressure are also adjustable.

  • Air dryer - Many smart bidet seats also have dryers. On the remote control is a dryer function, and again, there are multiple temperature levels that can be set for your comfort.

  • Deodoriser - Keeps your bathroom smelling fresh after every use.

  • Automated cleaning functions - Because no one wants to get in amongst their toilet seat, bidet seats have automated cleaning functions to prevent the nozzles from blocking up.

  • Energy saving mode - You’re not going to be using your seat all the time, your smart toilet seat also has an energy saving mode that is activated when it’s not in use.

What Next For Smart Toilets?

Few bathroom experts saw the smart toilet becoming as popular in the UK as it has in the last couple of years, so who knows how smart toilets will be trending in a few more years. Their growing popularity will almost certainly mean that we will see an influx of competitively priced smart toilets enter the market in the near future.

Whether they come with a range of new functions remains to be seen, but with the growing popularity of Bluetooth mirrors, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that someone might decide to make the Bluetooth toilet seat. As soon as we know what they come up with, we will be sure to share with you.

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